Monday, June 13, 2011

Nail Art for my Friends :)

I LOVE doing nail art on my nails simply because I love art!

When I see plain nails I see them as blank canvasses and I feel the need to paint on them.

But, I don't just paint my own nails. I also do other people's.

Here are photos of some of the works that I did for my friends.
All three photos were taken at the same day and each design took me about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the details.

* * *

Here are the photos:

This design is called Monarch Butterfly.
It's very pretty and since the customer has fair skin tone, the
colors and the design really came out so pretty!

This one is a simple white and pink dots with a little accent on the ring finger.
Since the customer isn't really a fan of loud and scene stealer designs, she chose this simple yet chic nail art.
I also have to mention that she has super tiny nails so
this design was perfect since the dots made her nails look wider.

This nail art was inspired by a photo that the customer had seen prior to the session.
She saw picture of cute emoticons and she thought it would be perfect for her nails.
Since the customer's personality is a little 'childish and young at heart', I painted her nails in different colors and then added the faces in black.

* * *
My others friends also want me to do their nails, too.
So I will take a photo and write another blog.
Until then!