Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hi everyone!

I've been on YouTube for about 4 years now and the reason why I signed up was because I like posting comments and reactions on other people's videos. I didn't really intend to make my own videos then so I didn't really care about what user name to use.

But recently, a good friend of mine, Arrienne from Mineeh11 influenced me to make my own videos, too. I then filmed about 7 fashion and nail art tutorials but I noticed that the weird user name wasn't really much of a help in getting me many subscribers.
I decided to make another YouTube channel with a user name that will be easily remembered.

Since I am from Asia and I sincerely find Asian girls BEAUTIFUL, I wanted it to have the word ASIAN in it. In addition to that, my mom always tells me that being real and true is the best way to become beautiful. So I came up with the user name REAL ASIAN BEAUTY.

I really want to take this YouTubing and Blogging seriously so I thought I should also change my blog name so that it will be in uniform with my YT channel and my Twitter account.

So, here is my new YouTube channel everyone!

Please check out my channel.
I have some videos that might help you and give you tips on fashion and nail arts.