Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tony Moly Nail Polish Review

I've recently posted my Tony Moly mini haul and I have mentioned that I bought some nail polishes from that store.

I am really into nail polishes these days and I want to try every nail polish brand in the market, not because I'm too vain, but because I want to discover a great but inexpensive one. I know for sure that high end brands are already great, but they are expensive! I am a person who goes for quantity rather than quantity. :)

So, I saw Tony Moly nail polishes and fell in love with their colors. The shades are too adorable and look delicious and I just had to try some. The colors were more on the warm pastel colors which I really love.

For this post, I'm just basing my opinions on one color.

This nail polish is called RM04 애플 민트 (Apple Mint).

What I like about this brand is it's packaging.
It's not the usual nail polish bottle that we see in the market. It has a very unique round shape bottle which reminds me of MAC nail polishes.

The brand name is not written on the bottle but rather on the cap. It's very simple and elegant font embossed on the black round cap.

There are two kinds of nail polishes in Tony Moly. A cheaper one and a more expensive one. This is the cheaper one and I got it for Php98 per bottle or about $2.


The color is really great! It is very opaque and pigmented. It's also creamy and thick.

Here's a photo of my hand, unedited, showing the swatch of the nail polishes.

I only applied one coat of the polish but you can see that it's very opaque. I guess that's a good thing because you will be able to use the product for longer.

But what I didn't like about this is that it could get a little hard to apply. It also created bubbles and left bumps when it dried. :(

The brush:

I didn't like the brush of Tony Moly nail polish. Each strand is very thick and leaves marks upon application. The strands also wasn't taught how to behave well so they are all over the place, unlike other brands that has super soft and fine brush strands.

The cap is round so it's hard to grip. I'm used to holding nail polishes with slim cap/holder so I found it uneasy to hold this one.

Here's a photo of a nail art that I did using this nail polish. I needed a mint nail polish and I thought it was perfect to go with purple flowers.

  • Inexpensive
  • Available locally
  • Great colors
  • The color is really pigmented
  • The formula is thick
  • The brush is not good
  • Leaves ugly bumps behind
This is a good product and I fell in love with the shade.

But considering that it's more expensive than local polishes here in the Philippines, I think I'd rather go for something worth $1 than a $2 nail polish that has the same quality as the cheaper one.

I would still recommend this to people who loves nail polishes and are looking for new nail polish brand. If you are someone who goes for the color instead of the quality then go ahead and get some Tony Moly nail polish!

I'm giving this product 3/5 rating.

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Until next time!