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What Is The BEST Dark Spots Remover for Face

Having sensitive skin has always been an issue for me! I could literally go to sleep with clear skin and would wake up the next day with a huge spot on my face! But do you know what's even more harder to deal than sudden pimple spots? Stubborn DARK SPOTS on the face!

It's undebatable that one of the most common problems that we need an effective solution on is "How To Remove Dark Spots on Face" It's uncanny that sometimes pimple spots go away in just a matter of days but dark spots could stay on the face/skin for weeks, some times even up to months!

On this blog, you will learn so many things about dark spots, what actually causes them and some of the most effective ways on how you could remove them.

First, let’s discuss why Dark Spots could be appearing on your face and what you could do to prevent it. Also, it would be useful to know that the other terms commonly used for “Dark Spots” are Pekas, Skin Discoloration and Melasma.


  1. Underlying Skin (health) Issues

     Melasma or dark spots during pregnancy is common but did you know that taking birth control pills could also be one of the factors for your dark spots? When you are on pills, it changes your hormones, and changes in hormones can cause hyperpigmantation as well.

  1. Sun Exposure 

     Did you know that 1 HOUR of sun exposure could lead to MONTHS of skin treatment to get rid of the dark spots? It is common in tropical climates and is also one of the top ten skin problems in the Philippines. That’s why experts recommend using a product with the right SPF to protect your skin from sun damage.

  1. Lifestyle

     Most gadgets and electronics these days emit light rays, so even if you don’t go out in the sun often, too much and too frequent exposure to gadgets, cellphones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, home lighting and more may also cause the skin to produce more dark spots. Other lifestyle factors could be the diet since lack of folic acid (whole grains, nuts, green leafy vegetables) can lead to hyperpigmentation, which leads to dark spots.

  1. Aging

     As people age, the skin condition also changes. Aging could mean more past exposure to sun or harsh products and other lifestyle factors that could have led to the skin having more visible dark spots and marks. Also, women in their 30s to 50’s show more signs of dark spots.

  1. Wrong Products 

     With the rise of so much products in the market, most people commit the mistake of using products that are not only bad for the skin but may also contain harsh ingredients. Products like strong skincare or harsh cosmetics could make the problem worse by causing the skin to flare-up, therefore resulting to dark spots. That’s why it is recommended to check the label before purchasing and do a spot/allergy test before applying anything. 

Now, let's get down to business. Let's tackle how you could remove dark spots on your face.


     1. Home Remedies

     A simple and inexpensive way to deal with dark spots is by using items in your own kitchen. Food like papaya, turmeric, tomato, yogurt and aloe could help minimize the appearance of dark spots. Papaya can be used as a natural exfoliant while turmeric has been shown to inhibit the skin's melanin production, that results in spots due to hyperpigmentation. On the other hand, tomatoes, that are naturally rich in lycopene, works best on hyperpigmentation when taken internally.

     2. Lifestyle

     A change in your lifestyle could also be beneficial to your skin, especially when it comes to removing dark spots on your face. If you used to go out in the sun and not wear any sunscreen, changing the habit to regularly applying sunscreen even on cloudy days could help. Also, switching to using products with only high-quality ingredients may be very beneficial. Remember that the skin is the outer layer of the body, it shows how well you take of it. Healthy body also leads to healthy skin. Changing your lifestyle may be the first step!


     3. Treatments

     For some, dark spots is not a result of hyperpigmentation, rather is a result of scarring. For over-the-counter treatment, you may want to consider Hydroquinone, which is a common first-aid for this problem. It usually comes in cream, gel or liquid type and could be purchased without prescription. Some soaps that have azelaic acid or kojic acid can also help.

     Facial treatments and chemical peelings and other laser treatments that are done by doctors could also help combat the dark spots on face. Some darker marks may require AHA peels or retinol to help remove the top layers of the skin and promote cellular regeneration.

     These treatments are also safe and effective but downside is that most of them are expensive.

     4. Medications

     There are also many types of dark spots or melasma, another safe and effective way to remove dark spots is through taking oral medications. Since melasma is a problem from within, oral treatment using oral medication can help lighten the dark spots. One of the ways to remove dark spots on the face is by taking Pynocare.

     Pynocare is a safe and effective way to remove dark spots on the face as it has 85% efficacy rates is FDA approved and conducted studies in the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. 

     Pynocare helps control the production of melanin to normal levels, thus reducing the appearance of your dark spots. It is a combination of all-natural plant extracts and highly effective ingredients which act specifically on hyper-active melanocytes. Because of its high efficacy rate, consistent use of it aids in the reduction of the size and intensity of melasma and results may be observed within 8 weeks. It is a safe over-the-counter medication that should be taken consistently twice a day after meal.

     Remember that removing dark spots on your face is possible and definitely doable, but it can not be done overnight. My advice as someone who suffered with several skin issues and is still dealing with some skin concerns is to be patient with your skin journey. Consistency plus using the right products are the key. With the right lifestyle and effective treatments, dark spots can definitely be removed on the face, so you could be ready to #LetTheLightIn

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