Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gifts from Korea with L♥VE

As some of you may already know, I am a teacher. :)

You could read my post here if you want to know more about my job. ^_^

My very cute student, Judy, sent me a package from Korea and I thought it was very sweet! Other teachers in our office often get gifts from their students,too. And it was actually my first time ever to receive a gift from my student that was sent directly from Korea.

One day, Judy asked for my address so I asked her why she needed it. She told me she wanted to send me a gift... I was actually happy to hear that, not because I like accepting stuff from others but because I thought my student was just so sweet.

Judy is only 12 years old and what more sweet is when I found out that she actually bought these things with her own money and not from her parents.

She got me these adorable hand made headbands.

A cellphone chain with heart and pink details.

She also got me a cute fluffy pen.

And she also sent a letter with it.

(I covered my full name to protect my identity.) :)

The letter was so colorful and she even drew a pretty girl and even included Min Ho's (SHINee) eyes. Judy knows how much I likve Choi Min Ho!

And what I was most happy about was these K-Pop stickers. ( I don't really like 2NE1 that much though and I don't know why she also got me 2NE1 stickers. But still I was thankful. lol)

It's Choi Min Ho again!!

She also got me some Korean gum. lol. I'm thinking that's her favorite brand of gum and she wanted me to try them that's why she sent me some.

When I was in elementary, I don't really give gifts to my teachers because I didn't want them to give me good grades just because I shower them with gifts. But I was always amazed every time I see them carry tons of gifts on Christmas day and Teachers day. And now, it's my turn to accept gifts. :)

Students are really cute and sweet and getting gifts from them is just one of the many perks of being a teacher.