Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Shoe Haul

Hey ladies! This is just going to be a really quick post showing the lovely pairs of shoes that I purchased for this love month.

I am not really a shoe addict. I mean, I love 'em but I am not totally obsessed in shopping for them. When I go to the mall, I shop for clothes and nail polishes more than shoes.

However, this month I saw a couple of lovely pairs that I just can't skip buying.

I also love buying items that are on sale. Who doesn't? I mean, unless of course if you are rich..which I am not. lol.

* * *

The first pair that I got is this black bots from PrimaDonna.
The actual price was around P1850 ($43) but my friend bought it for me for P350 or about $8.

I know it's already summer and one can not really wear boots in the Philippines during this season but I am saving this for when I travel to a place that has a colder temperature. :)

Next, I got a pair of really chic peep-toe platform on sale from PrimaDonna.
The original price was P1650 ($38) but I got it for P999 or about $23.

I loved how the denim fabric was matched with really thick wood heels. The first thought I had when I saw these was Summer! I love the combination of colors and I can pair this with any colorful or bold color top.

I got one for my Mom from So Fab. I went to the mall over the weekend and saw that they were on sale in shoes and bags. I saw these and fell in love with them in an instant.
The original price was P1450 ($34) but I got it for P399 or about $9.

My mom loves platforms and since she doesn't shop a lot, I knew that I must really get them for her.

And the last pair that I purchased was this really cute Oxford flats from a Flea Market.
I have been searching for a good one, I saw that Forever21 has them but I tried them on and they were too heavy and felt like it was going to give me a hard time in the long run. I also saw one in Steve Maden and Aldo but they were too pricey for a "kuripot" girl like me. lol
The price was P400 or about $9.

Vintage clothing is really hot these days and I have been wearing these flats since I got them.

* * *

And that's the end of my haul.

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