Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kitten and Paws Nail Art

I love cats! They are so sweet and cuddly and so adorable. I had some kittens back in high-school, my mom used to be a 'kitten-collector' as she used to adopt stray kittens that she saw on the roads. I remember we had 9 cute kittens all at the same time. But we gave them up as we got too busy..

But my love for them didn't fade.

Today, I created a simple nail art design inspired by the super cute animals.

I know how cute and playful cats are and they run around the house so they often leave behind those tiny paw prints.

So, I just painted one black cat and some random paw prints. I painted the tip in mint green and added some white dot details.

What you need:

Watch the tutorial here:

And you're done.

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