Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Inspired Heels

Jeffrey Campbell heels is definitely on the must-have list of any fashionista.

I have seen this a few months back so this post may be a little fashion primitive. lol.

I finally got two pairs of the raved heels and I am so happy because they were not as expensive as the original ones.

Yes, these aren't original Jeffrey Campbell's but I reckon they are as lovely and as fashionable as the original ones.

I got them from Primadonna. ON SALE!

I am really in love with Primadonna shoes these days. They are just so chic and trendy and like I always tell my friends, they are surprisingly comfortable!

And comfort is one of the things you must look for in a pair of shoes.


Jeffrey Cambell Lita heels. The original price was Php 1,850 but I got it for Php 1,399 or about $33.


Jeffrey Cambell LFoxy heels. The original price was Php 1,499 but I got it for Php 1,099 or about $26.

I really like these shoes! When I wear them, I feel like one of those beautiful girls I see on look book websites, wearing trendy heels.

Do you have you JC's already?

Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let us know...