Sunday, April 15, 2012

Glam up your Clozette ♥

I discovered a fun new way to share your style through a fun social network, its called is "Your personal online closet and a fashion social network."
I really love fashion and I was really excited when I found out that there's a brand new way of sharing my love for fashion. is an online network where dainty and fashion- forward girls (like you!) can share “looks” and “desires” with girls from different parts of the globe.
What’s so cool about this website is that it’s like Facebook, Blogger and Lookbook in one. How cool is that? Now you can share photos of your outfit, like photos and follow other fashionistas-all in one site!

They have wide arrays to choose from. Upload photos under the “Looks” section where you could share photos of you in your trendiest outfits. “Closet” where you put your hippest items or belongings. “Bazaar” where you can situate items you want to put up on sale. They also have "Contest" section where you can win the coolest items.

If you are a Blogger or YouTuber, you will also get a chance to be promoted to Clozette community and thus, will give you new readers and subscribers.
For make-up lovers, they also have a make-up and beauty section where you could start discussions and interact with girls like you. Share your own beauty tips or get to know the latest beauty trends with their beauty related videos and tutorials.
Also, if you upload a lot of items on your online closet on the website like your looks, beauty items and other photos, you can be chosen as a featured blogger/member.
I am very excited to be part of this modish fashion social network!

Sign up now for and start creating your own online closet. See you there, fashionista!