Friday, August 31, 2012

K-Pop : Super Junior SPY Nail Art

I've been liking Super Junior these days! I mean, I listened to their songs before but I really appreciate them more now. Back then, I thought they were so weird for having a humungous number of members but now I understand why.. Each member has their own role in the group and they have their own personality and character. More members mean more to chose from, yes?

Anyway, on their repacked 6th album, they have a song called SPY. Some viewers requested me to do a nail art inspired tutorial so I had to watch the music video first. And right after watching, I filmed the tutorial. Here's a simple design a came up with... :)

From the music video and from some live performances, I took some inspirations.

On one live performance, Eun Hyuk was wearing black gloves full of silver glitters. On another performance, there was a spy target as the background, so I used those, too.

Here are the things I used in the video:

Here's the tutorial:

Some people commented how simple this is compared to my other nail art tutorials. I noticed that some of the K-pop designs I made were a little complicated and full of designs so I wanted to make this design simple and easy to achieve, since I know most of my viewers are ELF's and I want them to be able to create this easily.

Mine is a tad messy and the lines and sides are imperfect but I am sure you can improve it and make yours way better than mine. :)

I hope SJ comes out with more and more great songs and nice music videos in the future.

And I also hope you come back on this blog for more nail arts and some other stories! Watch more videos on our YouTube channel.

Thank you for reading today.