Friday, January 25, 2013

What To Wear To A Concert (Outfit Ideas)

Going to a concert but don't know what to wear? Here are some outfit ideas to help you how you could look fabulous and in-style when you go to your favorite singer's concert!

Dressing up for a concert is not something you should consider as one look fits all. 
There are some factors that you have to consider when picking an outfit.
Here are some of them:

1.) Know the genre of the concert 

     Here are some of the music genres and fashion inspiration for each genre.
  • Rock - Black and metallic
  • Pop - Trendy and colorful
  • RnB / Soul - Feminine and sexy
  • Country - Carefree and Boho
  • Classical - Elegant and classy

2.) Find out the venue of the concert
  •  Indoor - Indoor concerts are usually reserved seating so you can wear your favorite high-heels.
  • Outdoor - Concerts held outdoors are usually standing and first-come first-served basis so you may want to skip the heels and stick to comfortable closed shoes.

3.) Comfort

Above all, you need to wear an outfit that you can be comfortable in, especially if you are attending an outdoor concert. Concert lines are usually long and you are going to have to wait for hours. So the best outfit is the comfiest one.

Watch the video below to see how I will dress up for 3 concert genres.

Here's what I would wear to each concert genre:




What do you think oft my outfits? Which one is your favorite?