Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Feature YOUR Video On My YouTube Channel!

Hi! So I know that some of my readers here and viewers on YouTube also make your own videos and tutorials.
I remember how it was when I was still starting 2 years ago. I know how it feels to have a lot of passion in what you're doing but for some reason, you just can't achieve the number of views that you want to achieve.

And wouldn't it also be fun to have variety of videos to watch on my channel? I'm sure you guys would also love to see what other people on YouTube create passionately.

So, I am here to help!

I am going to feature some of your videos on my very own YouTube channel! :)

How you can be featured on my channel :

1.) You must be a subscriber of my YouTube channel - Subscribe here

2.) Upload your video on YouTube
     -By submitting your video, you agree that I download your video and then I reupload it on my channel.

3.) E-mail me at 
     -Send me the link to your video, your complete information (YT username, etc) plus the information of the video (brands, materials used, ingredients, title of the song, what title you want me to put when I upload your video, etc)

So easy! :)

Please watch the video for more details.

However, there are some things you must take note of :

-Please submit videos that you own and created.
-Video must not exceed 5 minutes. 
-Please use only ROYALTY FREE MUSIC, we do not want any copyright claims from YouTube, do we?
(You can get RFM from,, and so much more)

-You can submit whatever video/tutorial that you like: Beauty, Fashion, Ootd, Make-up, Nail Art, DIY, Crafts, Cooking, Drawing, Song Cover, Dance Cover and so much more! BUT, one video that I will not accept are VLOG videos. No no for that, sorry. :)
- There is no deadline in submitting your video/s. I will accept and feature videos as long as people are sending me links.
-There will be 2 featured videos in a month, one video every 2 weeks.
-First e-mail, first feature policy :) 
-You can submit an old video you have on your channel, but filming a new one would be appreciated.

I am really excited to see your videos on my channel!

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