Saturday, March 2, 2013

Featured Video #2 : SNSD I Got A Boy Make-up (Tiffany)

You probably didn't know that when I started my YouTube channel, I originally wanted to upload beauty and make-up tutorials. But acne broke out so bad on my face so I was forced to focus then on making nail arts. I still want to pursue that field, I might do it when my skin clears up some more. :)

So for today I am so excited to feature a make-up tutorial on my channel! This is the very first make-up video that I ever uploaded on my channel. It's an SNSD inspired video by Arrienne from MINEEH11.

You might also not know that Arrienne from mineeh11 is my friend offline aka real life! She was the one who encouraged me to start my YouTue channel and rewrite on my blog. So I want to thank her because if she didn't encourage me, this blog would never be up here now. :)

Back to the tutorial! You guys know how much I like K-Pop, don't you? Honestly speaking, Girls Generation was never on the top list of my favorite Korean groups. It's probably because they're TOO pretty that I wanted to cry each time I saw them! lol. But everything changed when I watched them in the flesh last January 19, 2013! They were all so pretty and charming in person! Anyone who saw them would also fall in love with them! So beautiful, those girls! 

Watch the video here :

I hope you like Mineeh11's version of Tiffany's look in the music video. You can go and subscribe to her here. :)

I said on my other post that these girls are so pretty! When I saw them in person I felt like they just came out from this magazine! haha! It's true when they say that them Korean stars are so beautiful and flawless in person! How they look on tv and in magazines is also exactly how they look in person! One word, beautiful!