Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm on MissTiffanyMa's channel!

I really love watching tutorials and vlogs on YouTube most especially those by my fellow Asians (or Asian-Americans). One of my favorites is Tiffany from MissTiffanyMa channel. I discovered her channel way back in 2010. Back then, I didn't even have my own YouTube channel yet. I just enjoyed watching her make-up and fashion tutorials. 

In 2011, I decided to create my own YouTube channel (thanks to my friend Arrienne's encouragement). Though I already have my own channel, I still make sure to watch her videos. Recently, Tiffany announced that she'll be featuring some of her subscribers on her channel which made me so excited! I mean, a fan will always be excited to see her own face on her favorite's channel, right? So I went ahead and filmed a fashion video and submitted it to her. 

Now, I am so thrilled because she finally featured me on her channel! Yay! 

You can watch her video with me in it here : 

It's so sweet of her to remember me. It's true that I always watch and comment on her videos but since she has so many subscribers, I don't expect her to remember us all. But she does remember me so thank you, Tiffany! 

Tiffany is really a sweet, pretty and talented YouTube guru! You should check out her channel and watch her videos if you haven't yet. Click here to go to her channel!

Thanks for the feature, Tiffany!