Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Michelle Phan Invited Me!

I usually check my mail when I get home from work. That's usually when everybody is sleeping at around 2 AM. I like to blog/ answer Youtube comments/ talk to people on the internet when my surrounding is quiet because then I could concentrate more. I was checking my mail like usual when I received an e-mail...

What is this I see?! An invitation from Michelle Phan?! *insert crying face here*

Apparently, Michelle Phan and IPSY are going to have a huge event in LA, USA called Generation Beauty.

It is an event where attendees can learn as well as teach. Attendees are those that are beauty tastemakers on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. 

Why one must attend this event :

Awesome people you could meet in the event :

Aww! My other favorites, Promise and Bethany are going to be there, too!

Sigh, if only going to LA was as easy as going to the nearest mall. If not today, I know someday I'm going to meet these gurus, too. :)

If you want to know more about this event, please visit www.genbeauty.com!

Thanks for the invite, Michelle and Ipsy. I know, Michelle did not 'personally' send it to me...but being included in the possible attendees is such an honor. I didn't know Michelle's team actually stumbled upon my YouTube channel, too! :)