Monday, July 8, 2013

Get Korean Glowing Skin with Hayan Cosmetics

Aside from being a K-pop fan, I am also a big fan of Korean beauty and cosmetics. After all, Koreans are not just known for their up-beat music but also for their flawless and porcelain-like skin. 

I like Korean cosmetics because their products are mild yet works really well on the skin. So today, I am happy to introduce to you guys a new Korean cosmetics line I discovered. Hayan Cosmetics!

Hayan Cosmetics is a Korean cosmetic company. They utilize exquisite ingredients, have variety of cosmetics to choose from and what's more, their products are very affordable!

Here are some of the products from Hayan that I got to try :

1) Hayan Vital Cleansing Cream
Price : Php320 regular price -> Php198 introductory
Efficiently cleanses and refines pores without irritating the skin.

Benefits : Hayan Vital Cleansing Cream leaves skin thoroughly clean. It sloughs off dead skin and effectively removes make-up. Infused  with plant extracts and Vitamin C that help skin become supple and elastic as you cleanse.

How to use : Pour a small amount and evenly apply and massage on skin. Eng with light tapping motions and gently tissue-off or wash with lukewarm water.

2) Co-Enzyme Q10 Whitening Skin Toner
Price :  Php 350 regular price -> Php195 Introductory
Contains the powerful antioxidant Q10 and the whitening benefits or arbutin.

Active Ingredients : Arbutin - 2% , Coenzyme Q10 -  0.002%

How to use : After washing your face, moisten cotton with toner and gently swipe on face and neck.

3) Hayan Vitamin Intensive Cream
Price : Php580 regular price -> Php280 introductory
Hayan aesthetic moisture cream line changes iregular skin tone and dark complexion to bright and clear skin.

Characteristics : This cream has vitamin extracts in a formulation that easily glides and penetrates onto skin, leaving it nourishes and moisturized without the greasy feel. It protects the skin from environmental impurities and restores luster and radiance, making skin healthy and supple.

How to use : After washing the face and applying serum or essence, apply Vitamin cream on the whole face until it is completely absorbed.

Those are only 3 out of the many products Hayan has. They also have hand cream, facial wash, make-up line and BB cream that I all want to try, as well. ^^

After using feel-good Korean beauty products, I feel a step closer to achieving my favorite Korean stars' porcelain-like skin!

Now my skin feels smooth, soft and glowy. Yay! I also feel blooming as a flower. lol!

Are you also a Korean make-up enthusiast like me? Then you might want to try some of Hayan's products.

To find out more about Hayan, visit and like their Facebook page at


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Disclaimer : I'm wearing make-up in the photos for aesthetic purposes. This post was sponsored, meaning products were sent for me to try. I was not paid or given any amount of money. 
Cute Teddy Bears in Hanbok not included in the set. I got them from a Korean student as a present. :)