Saturday, July 13, 2013

Instagram Hair Braids

I really, really love hair braids! If only I could detach my hands from my body and do my own hair everyday, I would. (You know that braiding your own hair makes your hands feel sore, right?)

So to overcome that frustration, I just do my friends' hair! No matter how stressed out and tired I am, whenever they approach me to do their hair, I just can't seem to say no. Is it weird that braiding other people's hair releases my tension? I hope not! :)

Since filming and editing hair tutorials take a looong time, I often opt for the better option, Instagram! Here are some hairstyles I did on my friends' hair that I posted on Instagram. 

1. Side French Braid (with pulled hair strings from the side)

2. Waterfall Braid (loose strands curled)

3. French Braid Headband (looked prettier because black roots are starting to grow)

4. Waterfall Braid

5. Double Dutch Braid

6. Hunger Games inspired Side Dutch Braid (loose ends)

7. Swirly French Braid

8. Simple French Braid

9. Waterfall Crown Braid

10. Elegant Waterfall and Twisted Braid Updo

11. Game of Thrones Inspired Braid

12. Simple Dutch braid Crown

13. Falling Braid

14. Final photo! Went a little crazy and braided my friends' hair together! lol! It was messy because I was rushing, had only 3 minutes. 

If I could, I would braid everybody's hair! I just love looking at braided hair. And I also love the expression on people's faces when they look at the mirror and like what I did to their hair. Such a nice feeling when people appreciate what you did. :)

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