Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nail Polish Collection (Updated 2013)

Hello! So one of the most requested videos on my YouTube channel is an updated nail polish collection. I filmed the first one a year ago. I can't believe how much my nail polish collection has grown thinking before all the blog and Youtube started, I only had about 3 or 5 polishes! lol 

Here is my entire nail polish collection!

My collection may be huge to some or few to others... But for me this is just right because I limit myself to buy only the polishes and shades that I need for a certain nail art design. I don't stock or hoard too much polishes because we know that they don't last forever. One day, you'll be surprised to see that the polish has already dried or changed it's consistency. 

Anyway, please WATCH THE VIDEO to see my entire nail polishes and nail art collection. :)

TIPS to make your polishes last longer :
  1. Don't apply nail polish in front of a fan or air conditioner as this may cause the nail polish to dry or bubble.
  2. Store your polishes upright to prevent leakage.
  3. Don't shake the bottle or pump the brush applicator as this may change the consistency of your polish. Instead, roll it between your hands if you need to mix it.
  4. Don't mix nail polish remover if it gets dry. Nail polish remover will change the color and opaqueness of the polish. Rather, mix a drop of nail polish solvent/thinner and roll the bottle between your hands.
  5. Cover the bottle tightly right after using it to prevent air that may dry the nail polish.

Here are closer look at my nail polishes :

Nail Art Pens

Studs and Stones

Nail Art Stickers

Brushes, Dotters and Color Wheels

Base Coats and Top Coats

I also don't mind using cheap and local nail polish brands. In my opinion, they just work the same. I've tried some expensive nail polish brands that promise to last longer than the cheaper ones... But to my surprise, they chipped the next day (even if I applied base and top coat) There are also some pricey nail polishes that turn nails to yellow, like this one

Thanks for reading!