Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wacoal Perfect Fit Party

I rarely go to blogger events because I work weekdays from 2pm-11pm. Blog events are usually held in the afternoon on weekdays. That's why I was thrilled when I received an invite to the Wacoal Perfect Fit Party because it's going to be on a weekend!

Here's what happened.

The event happened last Saturday, October 26, 2pm at the Wacoal Headquarters in Standard Chartered Building in Makati.

Perfect Fit Party!

Undies and Lingerie everywhere!

I look creepy in the photo, yes. :) So upon entering the venue, we were assisted by the Wacoal staff. They immediately took my body measurements. I was even joking if I should inhale so they could get my sexy figure or exhale so they could find out the true measurements. lol

Each blogger was given 2 sheets of brassiere drawing and a set of crayons. We were asked to design our own bra and were told we could be as creative as we want!

Since I never (I CANT!) go to blog events alone, I asked my bff to come with me. She's really pretty in person but since I dragged her, she wasn't wearing make up int he photo. lol Sorry! :)

We were one of the early birds! Lol! They said 2pm so we arrived at 2pm.

They served us cute and yummy cupcakes with Wacoal logo. We were all surprised because we thought these were the usual cute yet not delicious cupcakes, but they were really good! 

And yummy clubhouse!

C2 to quench the thirst from the long travel. It's a Saturday so all roads are busy and crowded. :(

While waiting for the rest of the bloggers to arrive, I started designing my bra. I wanted a Galaxy print one...but I couldn't get the correct color tones and blending because I only used crayons.. Or, I'm probably just not artistic. 

And now we start!

To make the event more lively, we started it with a short yet fun game. I was in team 2 and it's funny how I look weird in the photo while the rest of the girls look pretty! haha!

I think we were measuring the length of our hair here. I could've been at the back of the line but since I curled my hair, it appeared shorter. So that's why I'm there. 

We learned a lot from the talk. I honestly didn't know there was a proper way to put the bra on. My whole life is a lie for believing one can just put her bra in anyway she fancies. haha!

Done with my 2 designs. What do you think? Many ladies prefer plain bra, which is wise because they can wear it to any event or match with any outfit. But I like being unique so I drew prints! :)

With the pretty twins, Demmie and Debbie. 

We were also introduced to Pevonia, face and body care products used in many luxurious spas.

We were also given loot bags... and a box FULL of Wacoal products. We were told to pick any item/items that we love the most. We could pick items worth Php3,000!

All of the Wacoal products inside the my box.

Trying to decide, trying to decide...

Should I go a for a timeless NUDE or for a sexy RED?

Finally picked my items. I got to take home 3 items! Thanks, Wacoal! :)

All the loot bags and goodies I got from the Wacoal Perfect Fit Party!

What's inside the bags

I ended up choosing the nude bra over the red because I know I will be able to wear this more. I also picked a black version of the similar design to wear with a sheer top or a black lacey top. So perfect!

So that's what happened to the event. Thanks to Wacoal for the invite! 

If you want to know more about Wacoal and their products, please check out their Facebok page and their official website!