Saturday, January 4, 2014

Simple With A Twist

I met with a YouTube subscriber today for the first time! Yay! I'm slowly overcoming my shyness of meeting you guys in person. 

I get messages from sweet people telling me that they want to see me in person but I'm just too shy! What if I disappoint them in person? What if I don't entertain them enough and just bore them out? So many uncertainties and insecurities... But a very sweet subscriber of mine from Thailand encouraged me! I met with her today (I'll blog about it later) and this is what I wore! :)

I wanted to wear something comfortable and something not too loud or over-powering. I wanted my personality to stand out more than what I'm wearing. So I opted to wear a simple leggings...

But one can't really be too plain, right? So I wore a top that's simple in front but has a sexy twist at the back.

I got the top from One of my favorite online shops because they have everything! This top is one of my favorites.

And don't you also love my shoes? I squealed when I got them! They are so purrrr-retty!

Leggings : Forever 21
Shoes : LightInTheBox
Infinity ring : LightInTheBox
Love Bracelet : Romwe

What do you think?