Monday, January 13, 2014


I love getting surprises! I mean, who doesn't? So here's the first parcel I received from a sponsor this 2014. The parcel was from one of my favorites, LightInTheBox. And it's funny because I was really surprised when I saw what was inside the box!

Watch how surprised and dumb-founded I was :

This video was actually supposed to be a part of my January collective Haul I'm uploading at the end of January. But when I watched the clip, I laughed at myself because I was really surprised. So I thought of sharing the video on it's own!

Inside the box are TWO BAGS. TWO EXACT, SAME, TWIN bags! lol

LightInTheBox probably felt I wanted the bag so bad, they gave me two.

Left bag looks distorted because I forgot to fix the dents before taking the photo.

Here's the catch. I originally just ordered one. And LightInTheBox and I didn't have any agreement whatsoever that the other bag was for giveaway. I WAS going to give it away to 1 lucky viewer because sharing is caring, you guys! lol. But when I showed the bags to my mom, she actually liked it. (My mom is so picky when it comes to things. She seldoms likes something.) So how can I ever say no? So I just gave it to her. :) SO many people are asking me to just give the other one away. Hmm, my mom has it already. hehehe

If you want to have the triplet or the quadruplet of this bag, you may  PURCHASE here. :)