Sunday, February 9, 2014

Episode 409

The Walking Dead season 4 returns tomorrow with episode 409! I still don't get why American series have mid-season breaks... but I'm very excited to know what will happen to Rick and his crew now that they have to be on the road again since the prison has been shattered.

Here's my The Walking Dead inspired outfit.

I was also excited when I saw an area that looks a bit like the prison gates! Or at least, the chicken wires. lol

I got this TWD statement shirt at a flea market near my home. Would you believe I got this for only Php80?! That's less than $2! haha. I'm fine wearing a $2 shirt since I don't think I would need an expensive one when zombie apocalypse happens!

Can you see how many people are in front of me? And how the street is not free of passersby? lol. Thanks to Ate LJ and April.! :)

Don't you love how my ring looks like Daryl's wings vest?

TWD Shirt : Thrifted
Leatherette Skirt : Forever21
Tattoo Stockings : RabbitFoot
Shoes : Primadonna 
Sunnies :
Wing Ring :
Gold Curb Necklace :
Bag :  LightInTheBox

I'm not sure how I'd survive in a zombie apocalypse... I might be like Morgan who'd hide in my house and go crazy... Or I could be like Maggie and be the sexy-badass zombie slayer! How about you?

What do you think?