Sunday, May 11, 2014

Long Weekend, Short Vacation

One of my favorite things in the world (aside from food and Infinite. lol) are long weekends! Studentts may not fully realize the value of it since they get enough holidays and Summer breaks. But for a working person like me, a 3-day or 4-day long-vacation is equal to a student's 2 month vacation!

...or not really. lol

Anyway, it was Children's day and Parent's day in South Korea last May 5 ad 6 so we had 2 days off of work. (4 days off, including Saturday and Sunday)  I barely spend time with my family so we took this opportunity to go on an out-of-town trip.

Here's what happened. :)

First, we picked up my cousins in Cavite. It was an hour or so travel from my home. There, I met Fluffy's destiny!

They look exactly alike! Well, Fluffy is a female shih-poo while the other dog is a male shih-poo.

We got there around 2PM but that was too hot to be on the road. We ate lunch and rested for a while. Then went on the road at around 5PM.
There's Spongebob photo-bombing us.

We got to Matabungkay, Batangas at around 7PM.It was too late and too dark to even see how the beach looks. At first, we were kind of disappointed because the sand wasn't too fine, the water was not too clear and the place was crowded! But since we were already there and we've traveled more than 2 hours already, we just settled.

The fun part begins! So we spent our night there...

NOT in a hotel or cottage but on a raft, better known as balsa here in the Philippines. 

I only thought three things : Water World, Life of Pi and Cast Away. 

This was our actual raft. You can see my mom and my cousin sleeping in an uncomfortable position. haha! Imagine 12 people on a raft. How we were able to sleep on that, we can never explain.

But it was fun, really! People always say never pay for things, rather pay for experiences. So we did. I mean, really. How often does one get to sleep and live for a day on a raft in the middle of the water?! 

We then waited for the sunrise...

There you are, Mr. Sunshine!

Okay, I was NOT going to blog about this trip so I didn't bother fixing my self in the photos. But while reviewing the photos when I got back home, I found them all so pretty so I just went ahead and blogged them. So yes, my face at 6AM.

We jumped in the water as soon as the sun rose. My only decent and solo photo of the trip. I was the photographer so I was barely in our photos. hehe

Sky and water.

We also went snorkeling. It was my first time to do it in the middle of the ocean so it was kind of scary. But fun, none the less.

Patrick! Y U turned blue?

Haha! There were men who can swim in the middle of the deeeeep ocean without any floaters. They only have either a Styrofoam ice box or a large bottle of water. They swim in the middle to sell ice cream to people snorkeling. 

In the afternoon, the water became unstable and little tides came.

We went home at 4PM. It was sooo crowded already, almost impossible to swim and enjoy the water. Glad we were able to enjoy the water in the morning before they all came.

On the way home, we passed by Tagaytay. So we took some photos and also bought some fruits.

My mom... Too bad the lens focused on the mountains instead of her. But I still think it's a good photo. Don't you? :)

Sweet Tagaytay pineapples!

My family! We were not complete, though. My mom has 5 siblings and I have a total of 15 cousins... But only 1 of her siblings came... So you get the picture. hehe. Next time, though, I hope we could go on a trip as a whole.

So that's how I spent my long-weekend. Thank you Korea, for your holidays!

Don't you love long-weekends and family trips as well?