Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring Up

I wish flowers would literally pop-up on the grass-covered wall behind me! I mean, I love flowers but I have yet to see a place that's filled entirely with colorful flowers... You know, like the ones we see on TV and magazines. Ahh, why don't we have Spring?

Anyway, here is a simple Spring outfit to inspire you. The main point of this outfit is the pretty pastel-pink blazer that I'm wearing. I've been searching for the perfect pink blazer and fell in love in an instant when I saw it on! The color is even prettier in person!

One can never feel hot and sweaty in a white clothing piece. Plus, it looks really cool and clean, especially on warm (or HOT) days. So I tried to inject as much white items in this outfit as I can. 

I wore this outfit to the office. My outfit looks really casual, almost unfit for a corporate place. But because of the blazer, my outfit turned from casual to preppy in an instant!

I also love this personalized necklace from! I have another of this kind in silver. And it's so nice to have it in gold, too! I also love the font, reminds me of Carrie from Sex and the city.

Pastel Mini Blazer :
Chiffon Floral Skirt :
Personalized "Kristine" Necklace :

Some of the photos turned out a bit blurry, but I hope you still enjoyed reading/looking at the photos. More Spring and Summer posts coming soon!



Thank you, April, for the photos! :)