Saturday, June 7, 2014


When I was a kid, I was scared to go near China pots as they look extremely fragile... and expensive, too. But here's something that's as pretty yet not as expensive and as fragile as those pots - my Romwe dress!

I always have hard time picking items from Romwe because they always have the latest and the trendiest designs so picking just few items is really difficult. I want to get them all! hehe

I wore this dress to a nail art soiree I attended today. The background is also a breath of fresh air especially if you look at my previous outfits posts. I rarely go out on weekends so I only have weekdays to shoot outfit photos. And weekday means office day. So my background would always be the same spot. It's just sad that I only brought digital camera with me. Pictures would have been better had we used a dslr, no?

China print Dress :
Shoes : Parisian 

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


Thanks to Karen for the photos!