Saturday, August 9, 2014


Summer is not yet over so here is a dress that's perfect for a sunny day! 

Haven't you noticed that I love wearing dresses? Aside from being perfect for the Philippine weather, I also love how having a lot of dresses saves me time in the morning. I could just pull out a random dress and pair it with nice shoes and bag. That's saving half the time instead of thinking of what to pair with pants or skirt, right?

I love this dress that I got from an online shop called I'm not good with birds (lol) so I had to Google the birds on my dress. I came up Chickadee so I just used it as the blog title. Did you know that coming up with the title is actually more difficult than writing the blog post?

Birds Print Dress :
Shoes : People are People

Did you also notice how this outfit looks the same as this one I wore weeks ago?


Thanks to Flora for the photos!