Monday, August 4, 2014

Life update : Now a FULL TIME BLOGGER!

I've been working at a Korean company for 5 years now. That's where all the craziness for anything Korean started! 

Online English Centers are very popular these days. So right after graduation, I tried my luck and applied as a Teacher in one of the Korean centers in Ortigas. I got hired and that day was one of the most thrilling days for me. You see, dealing with Koreans was very new to me then. I had a couple of Korean friends in high-school but I was not very race-sensitive then so I just viewed them like how I viewed my other Filipino classmates. It also didn't help that they spoke fluent Filipino.

In that center, I met and taught these very smart and super adorable Korean kids! They were all so smart and they made me very excited to come to work each day. 

I also made a LOT of friends! Back in 2009, our center had Native American teachers, too. 

If you look close enough, you might also notice Epey Herher. haha. That silly friend. She won It's Showtime's That's my Tomboy. Who would ever thought that our silly friend would be popular now?

The people in the photo were the senior teachers in our company. Fast forward to 2014 and only 5 among the many seniors are still with the company. 6 if you would still count me in. 

I started making YouTube videos and back then, being popular online never entered my mind. I just wanted to see myself on that YouTube screen, really. Then, I applied for the Youtube partnership! At that time, YouTube was VERRRY strict. You needed to acquire a certain number of video views and Youtube subscribers before they accept you in the program. I think it was on the second try that I got in. I joined not because I wanted to monetize my videos but simply because I wanted to be able to customize my channel and choose my video thumbnail! Pretty lame reason, right? Lucky you because I think anyone could do those on Youtube now!

Anyway, I was able to do both teaching and Youtubing for more than 2 years. And I honestly enjoyed each day I was doing both. But one day, I woke up and realized that I wanted to focus on making YouTube videos. Teaching is very fulfilling but since I never get to see my students in real life, the response and interaction were not enough, at least for me. I want to be able to do things that I could call my "own" and make accomplishments I could be proud of. Also, I want to be able to touch more lives and inspire more people with my humble videos...

So, I decided to quit my full time job and be a full-time Youtuber/Blogger!

Friends were all excited for me but elders were all hesitant and discouraged me from quitting. They all said a stable job is better than having to risk for something still unknown. It's true, though, that listening to elders is always the best thing to do. But I am 28 and not getting any younger. Whenever I make decisions now, I always think that people do not regret the things that they did, rather the things that they DID NOT. 

I might not become successful in this field...but I could always go back to regular office jobs, right? Then I could tell people that I was happy I was able to try. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all!

So, I packed my bags, bid my friends goodbye, told me I'll see them again soon, and then walked straight ahead. 

Now that I have more time on my hands, I am just ecstatic! 

Here are few things I want to be able to accomplish soon :

1.) Learn how to bake cupcakes. 
2.) Update this blog's layout and banner
3.) Travel more
4.) Deep-clean my room
5.) Spend a week at my grandparents home in Tarlac
6.) Sleep early. Regularly.
7.) Study level 2 of Korean Language at KCC
8.) Visit my high-school alma mater and eat street food
9.) Work part time at a Korean academy/Summer camp
10.) Upload 4 to 5 videos weekly! *fingers crossed* :)

Just looking at the list excites me. I wish I could be 18 again. I would be able to do so much more if I was younger. lol. But age should never stop us from doing something or from following our dreams! I believe it's true that we define our future by the choices that we make today.

I used to be so scared of leaving... so afraid of jumping out. Leaving is always difficult until that day you decide to do so. So if there's something that you really, really want then go and follow your dreams, too! I just did!

Also, I would like to thank YOU for always coming back to this blog. What good is a blog and what's a blogger to do if there are no people reading her/his blog? It surprises me how my stories and simple videos reach you. Right where you are now. I used to be the insecured, ugly little girl when I was young so meeting all of you and having you guys as my readers/viewers amazes me, always. Thank you! :)