Monday, September 8, 2014

Babyliss PRO Miracurl Product Launch + Hair Styling Competition

Curls and blogger events always go together for me. Whenever I go to special events, I MUST always curl my hair. Now, what if the two were combined, you ask? Then it becomes one fun and glamorous occasion!

I went to Babyliss Pro's product launch of their newest Miracurl at the Marriot Hotel in Resort's World, Pasay City. 

I don't always go to events alone (because I'm an awkward potato) but due to limited seats I had to go by myself. 

Due to bad traffic conditions in Manila nowadays (which in my opinion should NOT be used as an excuse anymore because it has always been like this since we all can remember) I came 30 minutes late. When I arrived, I was welcomed by hoard of girls with pretty curled locks. 

Too bad, I already came with my hair done. But still, I won't miss trying the newest product of Babyliss. They are launching a hair curler that's so easy to use! The Miracurl sucks the hair section and curl it on its own. After a few seconds, you are ready to let go and say hello to perfectly curled hair!

Though, I was nervous to finish my hair on my own because I was afraid the curler might eat it entirely so I let the professionals finish it.

I also saw other bloggers having their hair done. Here are my newly met bloggers, Celine and Kim.

It's just a little funny that  even though I seldom read other Filipina blogs, I still know them by face and by name. But when it comes to me introducing myself to them, I always get the "it's-my-first-time-hearing-about-you" look. haha I should spend more time introducing myself to other bloggers, then! That or it could be simply because no one really reads this blog. I'm talking to myself. haha!

Anyway, at around 1 PM, we transferred to a different room for a small "blogger's talk" and for a sumptuous lunch! 

Did you say FOOD?! I love food!!

Act like a Lady, eat like a Man!

They also demonstrated the difference between using an original Babyliss Pro Miracurl and using a fake one. I never knew even hair tools are now being ripped off? But apparently, fake and inexpensive Miracurls have been floating Facebook and Instagram shops. So, never be fooled! Just look at the outcome when you use the original Miracurl!

Oh, oh, they also gave away 5 Babyliss PRO Titanium Curling Sticks! I was so lucky to be one of the 5 winners!! Yay! 

With the rest of the bloggers...

When I was told that the event was to be held at Marriot Hotel, I immediately thought "what to wear?!" I tried on few ensembles but I was not sure whether I'd look over-dressed or under-dressed in them. Best option? Wear a Little Black Dress! The safest and always the life saver whenever you're not sure what to wear! You may have seen this dress already HERE, though.

Time for the hair competition! There were 6 contenders and they had 2 sets. 3 contenders showed off their hairstyles per set. Each set lasted for 20 minutes. 

The theme is "UNLEASH THE CURLS" using only Babyliss products and hair styling tools. All of the hairstyles were pretty but this one literally blew me away!

Like, how many hair sprays and hair gels did you use for that?!
And would you just take a look at the models face? I'm not really the type to get insecure when I see beautiful girls. In fact, I appreciate them! This lady is just so beautiful, I like her face so much! For me, she's between Solenn Heussaff and Aubrey Miles!

Another favorite! I love how simple yet sophisticated this one looks! 

After 20 minutes, the hair stylists have unleashed the curls! I like how they all did different variations and gave "hair curl" a twist.

The 6 lovely hair models. Which one is your favorite? I was assigned to be one of the bloggers that will decide for the "blogger's choice award" winner. Can you guess who I picked?

Of course, the one that blew me away! Hehe. #3 won the "bloggers choice award" as well as the Grand prize. He is undoubtedly good and the creation is just awesome but since he already got the first prize, I wished they could have just given the other award to another competitor. But that's just my 2 cents.

Before we got home, each blogger was given a loot bag that contains a Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Baby Nano Straightener!

Ah, it's true, then! When you lose something, God always gives it back to you. Most of the time, it's even bigger and better than the one you've lost. Remember my LOST CEBU PACIFIC LUGGAGE? Well, Cebu Pacific WAS NOT able to locate it anymore. Ahh, my precious, precious things!! Few of the things inside were my favorite and expensive hair styling tools! But God, You are just so amazing! You replaced my hair tools in just 1 week! Thanks to Babyliss! 

I'm just wondering when my shoes, bags, clothes, makeup, jewelries and even undies would be replaced?! lol

Anyway, the Babyliss PRO Miracurl is just a miracle! It's a must try! Oh, if you purchase the Miracurl through this blog, you'll get an amazing 20% OFF! Comment below if you are interested to purchase so I could contact you directly!

Have a lovely day!