Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hong Kong Travel Diary Day 2 : Exploring Kowloon

Now I understand my favorite travel bloggers when they take a long time to write about their trips. Just picking which photos to post already takes a lot of time. Viewing the photos is another thing, especially when you suddenly feel like reminiscing about the trip. hehe

Anyway, here is my DAY 2 in Hong Kong.

Because Cebu Pacific WAS NOT able to locate and return my luggage back so our itinerary got so messed up! We were supposed to go to Disneyland on this day and Macau on Monday to avoid the peak days. But because I didn't have clothes to wear, we rearranged everything. Instead of meeting Mickey and Minnie on Friday, we just decided to explore Kowloon and the nearby areas and also go clothes shopping at night.

It was a beautiful Friday morning! 

One of the things I like are the vintage looking cabs that match my shorts and shoes. 

I was trying to take a photo but little did I know that the taxi driver was also in the photo.

This post is going to be long and photo-heavy. To skip all the reading and scrolling, simple click the video below!

Our mission in life to search for the best egg tart! lol

Our first destination was Kowloon Park located just a few steps away from our guest house.

Green, green, green everywhere! I fell in love with Kowloon Park because I couldn't believe how a beautiful greenery was just sitting a few steps away from where I was staying. I mean, if that were my real house, I would be so grateful to have a nice park nearby. I'd go there for a walk every morning and or course, take a lot of ootd's and videos!hehe

Then we headed for Avenue of Comic Stars, which was located in front of our guest house, as well. I was not familiar with any of them but they were all so cute!

My favorite was the piggy! Did you know that I collect pig stuff?

Characters that are too cute for words!

And then, we found this secret garden! Ah, it was just so pretty! I mean, a garden within a garden? It reminded me of my favorite Korean dramas (lol) where the couple would meet to have a date. I wish I went to Hong Kong with a boyfriend so we could've had a date, too.

The sun was up but that didn't stop us from enjoying. We also saw these pretty women in cute tutu skirts and colorful umbrellas!

Isn't if funny that when you travel, even the building that are common to the locals become a picturesque attraction? Just like this one!

One more thing I like about other countries is that you could do your thing without people staring at you. Just take a look at this woman in a wedding street crossing the street under the scorching sun. But she looked lovely, though. 

Finally reached Victoria Harbor!

My friend and I were almost getting lost so getting at the harbor area took us by surprise.
We both squealed when we saw this:

So beautiful! 

They were also preparing for the coming Mooncake Festival. They had cute lanterns! Too bad that we were short of time so we failed to see these lanterns during the night. I bet they look a lot prettier!

We kind of rushed Victoria Harbor because we had to make it to Ladies Market on time before they close. If not, I would be going to Macau the next day wearing the same clothes. 

What's funny is that you should not make certain shops as your landmark. I swear, there is a Sasa store every block so each time we would make that as our landmark for when we need to go back, we would always get lost.

I think Hong Kong is the luggage capital of the world. Everyone is pulling one everywhere. And they also sell it everywhere. Plus, the ones that they have come in cute designs!

How about putting your money inside your money wallet?

Cute phone cases. We also have these in the Philippines but just for remembrance, I bought one!

Blingy bags, anyone?

If you follow the Korean wave, you know that Kim Soo Hyun recently had a scandal because of his advertisement in China that the Koreans didn't like. But if you go to Hong Kong, or any Chinese country, you will know that Kim Soo Hyun is literally everywhere. That could be the reason why his agency could't turn down the contract with the water company. The Chinese market is just so big!

After a long, tiring but fun and definitely sticky day, we headed back to our guest house. Hong Kong subway is really efficient. I wish the Philippine government could stop thinking about themselves even for once and really spend the country's money on important things like the public transportation...

No time for fancy dinner when you're on a trip, right? So, McDonald's it is! The photo was taken a few seconds before the manger shouted at me for trying to take a photo of the menu. For years, I've been taking photos of the menu, the food and the entire McDonald's here in the Philippines. Not sure why it's not allowed in Hong Kong, though.
Probably because they didn't want to show they only have limited food choices? They don't have rice nor spaghetti. :( I need my GO food!

It was a fun day, all in all. I want to go back to Hong Kong just so I could explore the streets again! hehe

Likes and Observations of the day :

-Luggages are everywhere

-Food chain crews aren't very friendly
-Hong Kong nationals are nice but if you need directions going somewhere, ask the young people instead. 
-The subway.
-Kim Soo Hyun is everywhere.

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