Friday, October 31, 2014

Belle de Jour Beauty Box - October 2014 Box

Ever since I subscribed to BDJ, I stopped worrying about my toiletries and makeup supplies. I know that they'd be delivered right at my doorstep, on a monthly basis!

BDJ did it again, guys! Another awesome beauty box!

To be really honest, I am happy that I signed up wtih Belle de Jour box. This is not being biased or anything, but the items inside their monthly box are always amazing! They rarely give samples packs; always in full-sized bottles!

I always get amazed by the products I receive each month. It's sad that I failed to catch on tape my reactions when I opened their previous boxes. Here's my reaction (and unboxing, too) for this month's beauty box!

If you see in the photo, none of the items that came in the box this month is branded or high-end. But I like that they come in huge bottles that could last me months! It's also nice to be able to try new products and brands every now and then, don't you agree?

If you haven't received your Belle de Jour beauty box yet then I suggest getting one now. No strings attached, really. You could start by ordering just 1 month of it. If you liked it, then you could always come back and order the next boxes!

Check out BDJ's website HERE.

Thanks for reading!