Monday, October 6, 2014

Food Trip at Maginhawa Street

I am a food lover. Some of my friends even ask me how I'm so thin and petite when I eat like a man. The answer? I don't know either, must be the metabolism. lol. So this may be late but I heard from a friend (Jace) that there's a street called "Maginhawa" in Teacher's Village, Quezon City where one could find a lot of unique cafes and restaurants. I immediately asked my single friend Flora to eat with me. (lol. Must emphasize the word SINGLE. You know how hard it is to ask your in a relationship/married friends to go out, right?)

Yup, so off we went to Maginahawa Street! The first stop was this really cool photography-themed cafe. 

I believe in this quote! However, I don't only take photos of beautiful things; I take pictures of almost everything. We must take advantage of the fact that this generation doesn't need any films or batteries anymore. I remember when I was in elementary, I used to save 36 shots of film for a party or gathering. lol. These days, 100 shots ain't even enough for a 1-day selfie.

I asked the pretty girl on duty the day we went and she said she's one of the 4 owners of the cafe. It's so nice when I see people start a business at such an early age. That's something I've been wanting to start but can't really decide what business to put up. hehe

I love the decorations in the cafe! 

But the only thing that didn't please me were the photos printed on regular paper. Since it's a photography-themed cafe, they might as well invest more on the pictures and print them on quality paper instead.


So nice how they came up with the names Pixel, Megapixel, Lomo Latte, Amaro-cano, etc.

What I came for! Frappuccino that they serve in glass that look like legit camera lenses!

Small (Pixel) Frapp - Php 130 ($2.90)
Large (Megapixel) Frapp - Php 140 ($3.12)

I love the unique taste of their drinks. However, for me, they taste too sweet. I'm paranoid of getting diabetes when I get older so I always prefer my drinks a bit bland than too sweet. Since they just recently opened, I'm sure they could still improve the taste of it.

It was a nice cafe, really! I love going to unique cafes than the regular ones. Don't you?

Next, we took some photos for my outfit of the day that you could see here. Oh, just in case you've noticed already, I wore the same top I wore when I went to Tim Ho Wan with my friends. No, it didn't happen on the same day. hehe It's just that my high-school friend was supposed to take my ootd that day, but we got lazy so I told her I'd just wash and wear the top again. Just so happened, I wore it to another "food trip" day. hehe

After that, we looked around the area to see if there was an interesting restaurant where we could eat dinner. We passed by some of the famous ones like Fruilli, Crazy Katsu, etc. 

We saw a unique bakery. I wanted to go inside, but when we got in, the ambiance was kind of disappointing. The door was locked, the staff was not very welcoming and the entire shop smelled like a dental clinic. Not going to mention the name of the shop because we don't want to give them free advertising, right? Hehe But here are the cakes they sell. They have Haw-Haw, Hany, Butter Roll and Viva cakes. Those are candies we grew up eating. And now there are cakes made out of it, too? Would have tried some if not for the expensive Php110/per slice and Php 1120/per cake price tags. And the dental pasta smelling place. And the unfriendly staff.

Then we passed by this really cool bookstore. 

Whoever thought of the name Bookayukay is really a clever person!

We saw a loooot more unique and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. But I got too excited so I failed to take photos. What I remember was me telling my friend how it felt like we were tourists. Haha. Have you ever tried being a tourist at your own city? It's fun, try it! hehe

It was getting late and we were getting hungry so we settled for this burger cafe. It's not stop, it's not even STAHP... but it's STUFF over. hehe

The place was really small. I think there are only 4 tables inside. But when we were there, the place was full. A sign that they serve delicious food!

And how about these Pinterest-quality lemonade in cool mason jars?

What we ordered

(I can't remember the name of the burger. It's not on Google, either!) Php 220 ($5) set of Burger, Fries and Lemonade

Sausage with crispy bacon bits - Php 110 ala carte. We added Php 40 for the fries and lemonade ($3.35 all)

Ahhh, we were in burger heaven! They were so delicious! I'm craving for them now as I'm writing this blog post, actually. The Php 220 burger was big so we split it in 2 and shared. We also sliced the sausage in 2 so we both could try it. They were soooo yummy! My only complain is that they were a bit too salty. As I mentioned, I always prefer my food to be bland than too sweet or salty. hehe (Better safe than sorry!)

Right in front of the Stuff Over burger was this bar-looking place that says Iscreamist. We really thought it was a bar ala Alchemy.. lol. But we found out it was an ice cream parlor. What the heck was that long line for, then? hehe

We got curious so we also fell in line. But after 5 minutes, we realized that we were not going to give in and wait for 30 minutes just for a cup of ice cream. 

But I peaked and found out that they serve Liquid Nitrogen ice cream that's supposed to be extremely cold. Seems interesting! I guess we'll come back next time, then!

So that's how we spent one Saturday in our lives. hehe We were a bit tired and 500 peso poorer. But we were happy! And FULL!

I really recommend you to go and try some of the restaurants in Maginhawa Street! Here is a map to help you decide which restaurant to visit!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Until our next food ttrip!