Saturday, November 8, 2014

EiSKIN and Mesoestetic Beauty Bar Event

Yesterday, I went to the Eiskin and Mesoestetic event at the Shangri-la Mall. I was invited by Ms Carol Santos, Eiskin's Digital Marketing Officer. They served us cocktails but they weren't the usual cocktails as the ones they served were infused with Mesoestetic beauty elixirs! 

Check out what happened that day!

A little OOTD? Dress from People are People and heels from CMG. Some people say throw away stuff that are in your closet that you haven't used for a year. Not always true. This dress has been in my closet for more than a year; unused. Glad I was finally able to use it today. hehe

Andy's bag! I can hear Tom/Loki's "Ehehehehe and KNEEL!" lines in my head right now. Dang, I love Tom Hiddleston and Loki. Actually, I can't decide which man I like more.

Thanks to Eiskin and to Mesoestetic for inviting me to the event!

Such a fancy place!

I like being the early bird at events because I get to pick the seat I want! hehe

The stars for today are the newest beauty elixirs from Mesoestetic : Radiance DNA, Ultimate Whitening and Collagen 360!

DRINK 1 : The Gourmand's Whitening Blend
1 Ultimate W+ Elixir bottle
2 cl. lemon juice
2 cl. almond syrup
4 cl. pineapple juice

DRINK 2: Radiance Skin Renewal
1 Radiance DNA Elixir Bottle
2 slices ginger
4 cl. liquid sugar
3 cl. lemon juice
1/2 bottle Ginger Ale

DRINK 3 : Firmness and Citrus Collagen
1 Collagen 360' Elixir bottle
2 cl. lemon juice
4 cl. liquid sugar
1 slice mandarin
one strawberry
1 basil leaf

We're basically getting drunk here! hehe Watch the vlog video here :

After the drinks, we had lunch.. or late lunch? Or maybe, breakfast (for me) since I haven't eaten before going to the venue. hehe

Had the privilege to take a photo with Mr. John Singleton, Mesoestetic's Export Area Manager. He's from Barcelona, Spain. I love Spain, too. I would definitely want to visit that country in the future!

So the fun event ended and we were able to take home few bottles of the Mesoestetic beauty elixirs. Can't wait to try them at home! I'd probably mix them in drinks, too. But I'll drink the Ultimate Whitening on it's own since it already tastes so good!

Picture with the giant clock! Secret Garden fans would recognize this clock and would know why I love it! 

Then, Andy and I went shopping, We drooled over some expensive make-up like MAC and Dior. Then, went to Tory Burch and Givenchy. Oh my, she spotted a really cool pair of Givenchy shoes. She'd probably blog about it so check out her blog here. hehe. ^^ I, on the other hand, touched my dream Givenchy Antigona bag and spotted 2 lovely pair of glasses. The bag? It would probably take years before I can afford it. Too expensive, OMG! But the glasses, I could save some bucks for those. hehe Soon, maybe!
Andy and I both like Givenchy not only because they are nice and expensive. But because I like Kim Sunggyu and she likes G Dragon. Sunggyu and GD both are Givenchy lovers. 

Then, we went to Yhansy, a really fancy accessory shop!

We both have a lot in common! From our love for make-up and beauty, to taste in music, to our jobs and knowledge in foreign language... and guess what? We both like to eat, too! hehe

We had dinner at Spatzle, which I don't know how to pronounce properly. hehehe

And that's how my day went! Such a fun day!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog! I'll be meeting Andy again tomorrow for another blogger's event! Please stay tuned for that. :)