Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ever Bilena Cheek Blush with UVA/UVB Protection Review and Swatches

I don't think I have ever blogged or reviewed blush products before. So this post is a first! Yay! I guess the reason for that is because I only have very few blush products. It's amazing how a thin swipe of blush in the morning can last the whole day. That's why I never really felt the need to hoard. 

But even before I started blogging, one of the local blush brands that I like has always been Ever Bilena. They have awesome shades and it's also amazing how their packaging looks like MAC's at first! hehe So today, I'll be reviewing 3 shades of Ever Bilena's Cheek Blush.

Ever Bilena is one of the leading local make-up brands here in the Philippines. It is quite known and almost every woman here owns a thing or two from EB. 

Question : Is it important to apply blush? 

The answer : IT IS. Especially if you are going for that complete, made-up look. Blush works wonders for the face, giving the face a sexy look, contouring the face and giving warmth and a flush of color. However, if not used appropriately, blush can make someone look cheap and trashy. The key here is to strive to look as close to natural as possible. Choosing the right shade to match the natural skin tone also helps to achieve the perfect "blush-y" look.

Here is guide that I found on Pinterest to help you in applying blush properly.

WHERE TO GET IT : Ever Bilena counters at local malls, shops and drugstores

PRICE : Php 175 per pack | 4g

Here are the shades that I have : Earth, Honest, Raisin


  • Inexpensive
  • Local/Filipino Brand
  • Available at many malls and drugstores
  • Comes in many shades
  • Pigmented
  • Blends well on the skin
  • Doesn't make my sensitive skin itchy


  • Too powdery
  • Makes my pores/acne scars more visible

Here's how each shade looks when applied on the cheeks. I purposely applied a bit too much so you guys could see the true colors. ^^

Honest is too striking while Raisin seems like a shade for people with paler/fairer skin tone. My favorite among the three has got to be the EARTH. I have dark, Morena skin so the other 2 were too bright and too striking. Earth, on the other hand, complimented my color and looked natural. It contoured my face well and gave me nice color without looking overboard. I already see myself using this shade often. 

This is a nice product to try, if you haven't yet. It is also nice that the price is very affordable so you can totally afford to get a couple of pans. Also a great product to try, especially for girls that are just beginning to start learning about make-up and don't have a lot of budget yet.

I hope you like this review!