Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Hello Kitty Birthday Party!

This is it! I just turned 29 years old last March 29! I thought to myself that since this is my last birthday as a 20-liner, I should do something fun and child-like. Something so fun that it would bring out the child in me again. I am pretty sure nothing is more child-like than having a party in a pink dress with Hello Kitty stuff everywhere!

So, I decided to have an early birthday celebration at Momsie Kitty Spa and Salon in San Mateo. I chose their place even though it is quite far from the Metro because the place looks bright and lively, unlike the other branches that I have been to. The owner and the staff were also warm and polite when I made an ocular visit so I decided to go with them. 

Since I was going to Singapore on the 20th of the Month and was supposed to have another Pink party on the 29th, I decided to have an early party on the 15th of the month.

Not all of my friends are Hello Kitty lovers but they all loved the place when we got there. You should have seen the look on their faces when they first stepped in at the salon. Grown ups adoring Hello Kitty! I guess age really is just a number and there's no age limit when it comes to having fun. 

LOCATION : Momise Kitty Salon and Spa, Banaba Street, San Mateo, Rizal

At the end of this blog post, you'll see the price of their spa party package. You won't believe how much little money I spent on this considering all the fun that we had that day!

Please watch my Hello Kitty party vlog video below. I filmed it in Filipino and was not able to put subtitles anymore because there were just too much speaking in our native tongue. hehe But I hope you still enjoy it!

What's even better is that there's no food corkage so you could bring in all the food that you want to keep your guests satisfied. 

I ordered some of my favorite food like pizza, pasta and donuts. My friend, Khaye, was very kind enough to bake some delicious cupcakes for me! Yay!

My very simple dessert table. hehe

Something happened so instead of getting at the spa at 1PM, we got there at 3PM. I was a little sad because we wasted 2 hours. Want to know the story why we were late? Please click HERE.

When we got there, everyone was so hungry. Funny because the friends that I invited to the party are my closest friends. They are all so supportive and understand what I do. Most of the time, they are the ones that take my photos and videos for this blog. But that day, they were so hungry that they couldn't even let me finish taking videos and photos of our food table. Hehe They were so hungry, they munched the food the moment I said "go". I'm sorry, my friends! hehe

The best thing about having your birthday at themed places like this is that you won't need to exert effort on decoration. The place is already too cute that decorating it isn't even needed anymore.

My friend Khaye's daughter, Sophie, was so cute and sweet that day. I guess she loved that I was wearing a tiara the entire time, she kept following me everywhere. hehe I can already see her grow up as a "kikay" girl like here Tita Kristine!

The spa party is for 10 people only. If you need to invite more, you need to shell out additional Php300 per person. I was glad when I counted the people that I wanted to be at my party and they came down to 10 people. Well, I would invite more but 2 of my closest are abroad and some were either busy with their work or their child. Anyway, I was so happy that all the friends I treasure most in my life were there to celebrate with me! Not everyone of them likes pink but they granted my wish of seeing us all in pink outfits!

50 shades of pink!

The party was even more fun because the staff of the salon were all helpful and warm. I can only imagine how jumpy and noisy my friends and I all were but none of them pulled a grumpy face. They just understand that anyone would be as jumpy as we were especially when surrounded with hundreds of Hello Kitty stuff. The daughter of the owner was there, too. She was also hands-on with the party and made sure my friends and I were all comfortable and having fun. Thank you, guys!

The party doesn't stop with just food and Hello Kitty stuff, It also comes with Php 300 worth of pampering services per person. So that's either mani and nail art, mani pedi and foot spa, pedi foot spa and foot mask, whole body massage, etc. 

They also have Karaoke, if you are into singing or if your friends are. For just Php 300 additional, you and your friends can enjoy unlimited singing.

Some of my friends chose whole body massage over the girly mani, pedi and foot spa package. This is one of their massage areas.

Every corner is so perfect for pictures! Even the bathroom is!

My closest high-school friends.

My closest college/work friends.

Because of what happened to our car, we moved the party from 2-4 PM to 3-5 PM. But we were there until past 7PM. Before going home, I blew the candle on my cake and made a wish...

I was also given a gift by the spa owner. How nice! It's a customized Hello Kitty t-shirt so that I remember my party. 

It was such a fun and memorable 29th birthday celebration! Getting older could be scary, especially if you are still single like me. The pressure is high and the amount of responsibility is immeasurable. But when you are surrounded with friends, I guess getting older gets less scary. I've been with these people of years, some of them even more than 10 years. So I am sure they'll be with me even when I turn 40 or 50. Maybe another pink party then? hehe!

So, how much does the Momsie Kitty Spa Party costs, you ask? It's only for Php 3,000 for 2 hours exclusive use of the salon. It comes with Php 300 pampering services per person and also comes with free iced-tea and some chips. A very good deal, if you ask me!

And that, my friends, was how I celebrated my 29th birthday with my friends. How did you like it? Would you also celebrate your birthday/occasion with Hello Kitty?