Friday, April 24, 2015

Things That Cause Your Acne!

Have you ever slept with good skin and wake up the next morning with horrible spots on your face? They literally grew overnight! Have you? I have! In fact, that happens to me often. It even gets to a point where I'd have good skin in the morning and then have huge and red spots right in the afternoon. My pimple spots grow in an instant!
If you have experienced that but still don't know where you may be getting your breakout from then this blog post/video is for you!

Some of the known reasons why we get acne are hereditary, hormones, stress and dirt. But those reasons are quite known to many already. In the video, I decided to talk about unpopular/unknown things that cause acne!

Please watch the video here :

Some of the things that I mentioned in the video are : your cellphone, your make-up brushes and sponges, your pillow cases and towels, your hair and so much more!

Now that you know the possible causes of your sudden breakout, you can now at least try to avoid doing or using those things. I know it does get so frustrating how a good skin could become bad in just an instant! That is our dilemma, people with imperfect skin. (Sigh!)

Anyway, I hope you guys found the video helpful. 

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Good night!