Thursday, December 17, 2015

YouTube and StyleHaul Year-End (Thanksgiving) Dinner

One of the perks of working at home is getting to do what I want when I want it. One of the downsides, however, is not having any company Christmas parties to attend! This is my second Christmas as a full-time blogger, also my second Christmas without Kris Kringle, Php 300 Exchange gift and Company Christmas party! How sad, right?! 

Good thing Youtube and Stylehaul invited me to their year-end thanksgiving dinner for all their artists. The 2 dinners were separate, though. I just decided to put them in 1 blog post. :)

First, let's talk about what happened at the YouTube dinner

I was most excited about this dinner because I consider YouTube as my boss. I consider it my main branch if I were a mall or food chain. (Hehe)

The Youtube dinner was held at Your Local restaurant in Makati last December 11, 2014. 

Still fresh from the bus robbery I experienced last December 8, I was scared to go to Makati again. I did not want to be alone so I was glad Andy from went with me to the dinner. 

The food at Your Local was... okay. But it was not great. Some guests liked the food, but I did not. I guess my taste on food is pretty basic because I like conventional tastes. I am not really a fan of fusion food and tastes I haven't had before. I hope you get what I mean. 

Anyway, there weren't many guests at the dinner. Famous ones like Alodia Gosiengfiao, Erwan Heussaff, Chicser and the others were supposed to be there but couldn't because they had other appointments. 

But it was fun to meet some people I haven't met before. To be honest, I am not the type of person to brag about my YouTube channel or achievements. If you have met me before, you know that I am quiet when at events and don't talk often. I'm not snob but I guess I like listening and observing more than being the noisy one. Hehe I am okay even when some people don't know me or don't recognize who I am. But I always like it when I give people my YouTube channel and they later find out about it and get pretty impressed. It's like they didn't expect a petite girl like me to be someone like that on YouTube. And I like it! Hehe Big things come from small boxes.

Cheers for everything that happened on YouTube this 2015! And cheers for another YouTube Fanfest in 2016!! (Ryan Higa, please!!!!!)

One of my favorite parts of eating out is the dessert! What you gonna do with that dessert?! Hehe Vanilla Ice Cream with Green Tea Powder and some nuts!

Here's everyone present at the event! We got another YouTube T-shirt! Another addition to my YouTube collection!

Here's what I wore that night. I haven't done any OOTD posts for a long time and I really, really miss it! Sigh, I wish there was someone to take my photos. It's so hard to do it by myself using just a tripod and remote. :(
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Going home was so difficult, though. Ordinary cabs choose passengers so if you live far, they are probably going to decline and leave you in the middle of the street. Uber and Grab cars are safe and would take you anywhere, but I can't get over how expensive they are! 3x more than regular taxi fare! I am not the type of person to spend my money on that when I can get 1/3 the price on regular taxi. Not all taxis are dangerous. I always look at the taxi driver's face and the plate number and text it to a friend. I am also always cautious and never sleep in the taxi and always let the driver know that I know my way so he can't fool me. Hehe Like I said in the Duterte video, it's okay to be paranoid especially if you are in the Philippines!

* * *

Next, the Stylehaul dinner!

Stylehaul is a fashion network on YouTube. It is a community for YouTube creators and other beauty bloggers. It hasn't been long since I joined Stylehaul. In fact, they have been trying to get me on board since 2013 but I only decided to join after the YouTube Fanfest here in Manila! hehe

Anyway, the dinner was held at Todd English Food Hall in SM Aura last December 14, 2015.

I was so excited for this dinner when I saw my e-mail confirmation and it had the names of Camille Co, Laureen Uy and other famous fashion bloggers. I have met Camille before at the YouTube Fanfest rehearsals and she was so nice! She IS nice in person!
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The food at Tood English was so good! This is the kind of food that I like! I ate a lot! I think I went back to the buffet table 3 times and I'm not even ashamed! hehe

The highlight, of course, would be the dessert! I tried their The Bomb dessert and it was the bomb! I'm guessing it would be expensive but at least try it when you get the chance! It's like those videos you see where the food moves or changes it's form when poured with hot chocolate! It was so good! (I'll edit this post soon with a video of the dessert.)

My table mates that night were Genzel, Daisy, Angel and Kris. Genzel and Kris are fellow YouTubers while Daisy and Angel are some of the winners for the meet-and-greet. 

Oh, guys! Please meet my new blogger besties : Lissa, Camille and Nicole. Too bad Laureen didn't make it that night. (Hehe) Just kidding! Camille was nice, as always. I asked them if I could take a photo with them 3 just so I could pretend I am part of their "blogger besties" barkada. hehe

Here are some of the beautiful YouTubers that are with Stylehaul that were present that night. Spot any familiar faces or ones that you are subscribed to?

My date that night was Angel! She joined the Instagram contest so I picked her to join me that night. Thanks for being there, Angel, and for the necklace gift! :) Oh, can you guys guess how old she is? I couldn't believe when she told me her age!

My "feeling teen" barkada! Hehe Some of them were girls I met at the YouTube Fanfest last June. And OMG, they are so young and fresh! Girls, please enjoy your life as it is now! Please don't hurry to get older. I envy you for being so young. You could still achieve and go places at that age! Take your time in life! <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

Our extreme high-angle shot! Hehehe

My tablemates with Yan, Regional Manager from Stylehaul.

And the whole gang! Everyone that's present at the StyleHaul dinner! Can you make a head count and let me know how many of us (or them, if you don't know me. But wait, you are on my blog...) do you actually watch on YouTube or know? I'm curious!

To end this blog post, let me show you my simple Outfit Of The Day. Anyone willing to be my photographer? I miss doing OOTD posts, really! Oh, willing photographer must be good at taking low angle shots! Hehe

Fun nights! Thanks to YouTube and to StyleHaul for setting up a dinner for us! Now, I won't feel left out even if I see my friends upload photos of their company's Christmas party on Facebook! Going to these dinners made me feel as if I already attended a Christmas Party! Yay!

Advance Merry Christmas, everyone! I promise to update this blog often so please check back every other day. Mwah!