Tuesday, March 8, 2016

First Time at Enchanted Kingdom!

After 20 years of being open to the public, I was finally able to go to Enchanted Kingdom for the first time! Don't you think it's funny how I was able to go to Disneyland already but I haven't visited the only theme park we have here in the Philippines yet? I thought so, too! That's why my friend and I decided to finally go!

Enchanted Kingdom is located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, about 39 kilometers away from Manila.

At first, we thought traveling from Manila to Laguna would be difficult but were so glad E.K. has their own shuttle service so park goers could conveniently and safely travel going to their park. They have 2 stations but we decided to take the one in Ayala Park Avenue Station.

One way trip costs P150 and two way costs P300. I suggest taking the two way trip to secure a seat for you in the van later at night.

Travel time took less than an hour, surprisingly. My friend and I just talked about AlDub,because she's a hardcore AlDub fan, while we munched on the peanuts that my mom prepared for me. Next thing we knew, we were already in Enchanted Kingdom!

Entrance ticket costs Php500 for weekday entry and Php600 for weekend entry. We went on a Friday so we were supposed to only pay Php500 but the lady asked us for Php600 because according to her, Thursday was a holiday so it was considered a long weekend, hence the Php600 ticket!

The picture that has been long overdue! Hello, Eldar and the gates of your Enchanted Kingdom!

I went with my friend, Maine! She was the friend that I went with to Disneyland Hong Kong. She's also my travel buddy and one of my closest friends. I like travelling with her because she's so easy to get along with and we share almost 90% interests. Oh, did you want to see our Disneyland Hong Kong trip? Please click HERE.

Whenever we travel, Maine would be the organized one while I'm the free-loader, happy-go-lucky one.hehe She plans and studies the ways while I'm the one that likes stopping every now and then to take photos. hehe I'm so glad she's always patient and never gets annoyed.

We left Manila around 11:30 AM and got to the park less than an hour later. Our first ride was this. Since we were there early, there weren't too many people yet. It looks fun when you're on the ground, but this ride would make you feel dizzy. Like, seriously. It was not fun for me, at all! Hehe

After that, we explored  the park and couldn't help but reminisce our Disneyland trip! Of course, we didn't compare because it would be unfair for both parks to be compared to one another.

I loved the stuffed toys that I saw there, especially the Monkey stuffed toys!

I wish I went with a boyfriend so he could try to win at least one of the huge dolls for me. But, yeah, #foreveralone. hehe

Whenever I see animal stuffed toys, I always get caught between choosing the Pig or the Monkey!

We decided to take this theme park experience all the way by buying ourselves some sweets!

My crazy, crazy friend decided to ride this thing called Space Shuttle. I don't know what I was thinking! I didn't even ask how or why. I just said "Game!" I should have said "But I love my life..." or something along that line...

It was so scary! When it was slowly going up and I could feel the nervousness kicking in, I started shouting "I want to go back down, I was just joking that I wanted to ride this!' Haha! It was so scary, I am telling you. I usually never take rides that have loops or steep down falls. This ride, I'm never taking again! It was fun, yes. And thrilling, at that. But it was so scary and fast and steep!

After that, we decided to take the EKstreme Drop/Tower. My friend wanted to take it because she likes thrills. I wanted to take it because I got curious because Yaya Dub/Maine cried when she rode this. Yes, just out of plain curiosity!

It is scary, but it's the fun kind of scary. I love watching people's reactions before the drop and after the drop. Before the drop, everyone would be scared and nervous, but after the drop, everyone would just be laughing! This is my favorite ride! We took it thrice!!

On the 3rd take, I sat beside a guy. I was still nervous and still shouted so loud while it was falling. When the wagon was already on the ground, I was still in shock but then the guy beside me stood up and unbuckled my seatbelt. I didn't bother saying thanks because I was still in a state of shock. When we left the ride, my friend told me that the guy that removed my belt was cute and that I should've said thanks to strike a conversation. I remember seeing the guy and he did look cute and has nice sense of fashion. I would have said thanks if only he allowed me to release my shock before making a move. hehe

If wishes made on a well do come true, what would you wish for?

My friend rode this and she said she didn't like it. I told you she likes thrills and heights but according to her, this one was not fun but rather just made her extremely dizzy.

I ate our candies while she was riding it.

Then, we decided to go inside the Kubot Haunted House, It was not a part of the ride-all-you-can ticket so we had to pay additional Php75.

Because we had to pay additional for it, we were expecting it would be spectacular and extremely scary. Like something that would not let us sleep alone in the dark for a couple of nights.

But to our surprise, it was not as scary as how we were expecting it to be. It was just a dark room with some actors that would chase you around. Occasionally, they would go near your ear and say "Hi, miss." or "I love you, can I get your number?" Like, OMG. The haunted house in Star City was even more scarier than this. Kubot was so plain! Star City's haunted mansion has a lot of scary decoations that still haunt me now when I think of them.

Though, I got scared a bit. It's because we went there with four Grade 6  students that kept shouting and won't move forward.

Carousels are always picturesque!

I like how I look in this picture. It looks like I was feeling something from within. Like pure love or sincere happiness. But in reality, the wind suddenly blew towards us so the water sprinkled on me but I had to pretend they were not existing so my friend could proceed to taking a photo of me. Hehe

Then we rode the Riogrande Rapids. I always avoid taking rides like this. It's not because I don't like it or because i'm a fun-killer but because I dislike the feeling of wet hair and wet clothes. But my friend really wanted to ride it so I had no choice but to go with her.

Soaking wet! Hehe That's why if you want to ride this, you better bring extra clothes. Also, make sure your bag is waterproof and your gadgets have been wrapped in plastic to prevent them from getting wet.
But the ride was surely fun and exciting! I would definitely ride it again. Next time,I'm thinking of riding it first so my clothes would get dried while I'm at the park and then ride it again before heading home so I won't bother anymore even if I'm soaking wet.

Maine wanted to go inside the Rialto Theater for a 4D experience. We've already tried it at the Mickey Theater in Disneyland. But we also wanted to see what our own park offers. But the line was long and according to the girl, we would have to wait for 40 minutes! So we just decided to skip it so we could enjoy the park more.

My friend wanted to ride the Space Shuttle again. She kept on begging me for us to ride it again. But I'm still young and I have so many dreams I want to achieve. Lol! I told her I can't take it again. So, she took it again, ALONE! Hehe Here is a photo of us. I was on the ground while she was there, upside down in the roller coaster!

Alone time means Selfie Time! I used my Casio ZR3500 for the photos! I have a review on that camera, please CLICK HERE for the review.

I wanted to win one of the stuffed toys so bad so I played one of their games. There were easier games but I tired here because I really liked and wanted to take home the huge monkey with the blue earphones! This was the only store I saw that had this kind of monkey!

I tried and tired, but still failed. My friend even tried playing another game just so she could win a monkey stuffed toy for me but Year of the Monkey's luck wasn't on our side that night.

Okay, so just take a picture with the monkey! Hehe

I have also been wanting to ride a big Ferris Wheel so I could have a birds eye view of sunset. But because Enchanted Kingdom decided to reserve the best time slot for their "Dinner date" promo, we had to wait until 7 PM until we could ride it. Too bad! I was wanting to see the sunset from the top.

Anyway, here's what we saw when we rode it.

Because our clothes were still wet from riding the Riogrande Rapids, we felt colder and we were chilling. Good thing, my friend was able to take this nice candid shot of me. Hehe

One of the things I was most excited about was the fireworks display part. Maine and I cried when we experienced the Disneyland fireworks for the first time. We missed the feeling so we were excited to see what Enchanted Kingdom offers.

We also looked forward to the night parade. We didn't get to take a photo with Eldar in the afternoon so we grabbed this chance to take a photo with him when he passed by us.

At the latter part of the show, the performers/mascots gathered at the center of the park. The spectators formed a circle around them, too. I was shocked when Eldar came to me and invited me over to the center of the park to dance with them. I was overwhelmed. I felt like a kid picked by a clown at a birthday party to be the "sampler" for a magic trick. hehe I felt... special!

Then, the fireworks lit up! It was amazing, just like how fireworks always are. I always get amazed and awwed by fireworks. When I get married, I promise I will have fireworks at the end of the ceremony, too!

However, the fireworks was short. I guess Enchanted Kingdom doesn't want to spend too much on that part. Which reminded me that SM MOA Pyrolympics is currently on going. I wonder which of my friends should I bug this time to go with me to watch it! Hehe

That's how first-timers enjoyed Enchanted Kingdom. Now we can tick-off EK off our bucket list.

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Thanks for reading!