Thursday, May 26, 2016

Emoji Nail Art Tutorial

RealAsianBeauty's Nail Art is baaaack! Hehe I thought of doing this nail art design when I got this Emoji shirt from a Thrift Shop for only $1. How cute, right? I also got the Emoji mini-pillows from Divisoria for $1 each. I knew I just had to make an Emoji nail art tutorial!

What is EMOJI, though? Emoji is referred to as a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, feeling, reaction and emotion and is used on electronic communication, most usually referred to as social media.

Chatting through social media is so popular these days! And a chat will not be complete without including an emoji or many emojis to intensify the feeling or the emotion of the message. It is also often used when leaving comments on pictures... What are your favorite emojis that you often use? Here are the 5 most common icons that I use when I chat or when I leave comments on pictures or statuses.

I am so proud of myself for coming up with another cute nail art design! I hope you watch the video so you could tell me what you think about it. ^^

A nail art story : Did you guys know that it took me 2 days to film this video? The first day, I started at 5 PM and then failed miserably by 1 AM! The emojis were just horrible and did not look cute at all. I kept redoing each nail but they just kept ending up messy! I whispered to myself : Gosh, even nail art skill was taken away from me!! I grabbed some cotton and nail polish remover, removed the layers of polishes and went to bed. The next day, I tried to calm myself. I told myself I can do it. I even prayed and asked God to give me steady hands and keen eyes to successfully paint my nails. I started at 6 PM and successfully ended at 12 Midnight without having to redo a single nail! Yay! Of course, editing and uploading are completely different stories! Hehe

Emoji Nails, Emoji Shirt plus Emoji Mini-pillows would make a perfect selfie! Here I am, taking a selfie using my favorite Casio Exilim TR60 Selfie Camera. 

Since we are already talking about Nail Art and Selfie, I would like to invite everyone to my 1st EVER Nail Art Workshop!!!

WHAT : Nail Art Workshop and Selfie Tutorial with Kristine Roces
WHEN : May 28, 2016, Saturday, 1 PM
WHERE : Bonifacio Global City, Bonifacio High Street, Park Central Square

This workshop will be made possible by Casio Exilim Camera and Caronia Nail Polish. This is going to be a fun event because the first few that will arrive at the event will receive loot bags that contain Caronia nail polishes that they can use to follow my LIVE nail art tutorial and try the designs on their nails. After the workshop, we'll be having a quick Selfie Tutorial using the Casio Exilim TR60 camera. I promise you guys that you will love the Selfie Camera, too! It's the ultimate Beauty Tool!

So, see you there! Don't forget to arrive a few minutes before 1PM because we will be giving Free nail polishes to the first few comers. I'm guessing some would get lost, maybe including me, since the venue could be a bit hard to locate. So please allot a few minutes for the "find the venue" game! Hehe

See you there, everyone! I am nervous and excited!