Monday, August 1, 2016

BTS Inspired Nail Art (불타오르네) | #BTSinManila

Hello, ARMY! Can't move on from the BTS Epilogue concert here in Manila last Saturday? 
Here's is the perfect outlet - paint your nails with BTS!

BTS is one of the most popular Korean groups these days. Here in the Philippines, the boys are surely one of the most sought after. That is why I decided to create another K-pop inspired nail art. 

Here is the nail art tutorial:

As always, I based my nail designs on the outfit they wore in the video. I love it when the stylists dress up the idols in colorful and loud-print ensembles! That just means more designs for me! Hehe

I hope you guys enjoyed this nail art. If you did, please share it on your group chat, fansite Unni or to your ARMY friends! Beautifying yourself in ways such as coloring and drawing your nails is surely an effective way to move on from a concert. Trust me, I've been through a lot of emotional states each time I watched my favorite K-pop group's concert.

If you were "Team Bahay" (Fans that weren't able to watch the concert so they got no choice but to stay at home and read updates and news.) then fret not! Paint your nails with BTS!! If your friends saw the boys in person, at least you have them in your body, your nails to be exact!

Ahhh, it feels so good to be back in my comfort zone! Did you guys know that the last time I did a K-pop inspired nail art was back in May 2015 when I did Big Bang inspired nail art? I noticed that my nail art videos don't get much views now compared to how many views they got years ago... But at least I can say I am doing something I truly like and enjoy. I hope you guys like them, too! ^_^