Saturday, August 6, 2016

ORLY Pacific Coast Highway Launch

Are you a lover of Orly nail polish? You will surely enjoy reading this blog post as I share my recent experience at the Orly Pacific Coast Highway line launch at the Nailaholics nail salon at Gateway Mall in Cubao!

ORLY is one of the top brands when it comes to nail polishes. This was one of the brands I adored when I was starting as a nail art guru on YouTube. However, it was too pricey for me to afford back then so I had to buy one color at a time. Now, it feels so good to be invited to their launching event!

I was kind of expecting the theme would be Summer-ish so I wore something pastel to make me look Summer-ready! This way to the Orly Party! Let's head on, shall we?

Take a look at the 6 bright, vivid and bold colors! I can already smell and feel Summer just by looking at them. I also feel like singing "California girls, we're unforgettable..."

The colors are perfect for Summer when it's totally acceptable to wear sexy swimsuits, cute dresses and colorful tops! These colors will surely match your outfit. 

Don't you love the Summer feel of the event? And notice the mini Orly surf board in the picture. I've never tried any extreme sports such as wake boarding or surf boarding. My BF says it's fun and he wants us to go to Baler because he want's me to experience it. I'm not good at swimming I can't even swim so I am not sure how I'd be able to enjoy it Hehe

Aside from colorful Orly nail polishes, the nail salon was also filled with colorful Instax cameras!!! Waaah, this is heaven! We got to take selfies using these Instax cameras! I have the Instax Mini 8 in pink. I tried the new Instax Mini 70 and I fell in love with it!! The quality of the photo is noticeably better with that camera. I would love to have it but I am in love with the Pink color of my Mini 8... So...

I haven't mentioned that aside from nail services, nail polishes and Instax photos, we also got some delicious yet healthy food that day! The food that was served was apparently all-vegan food by V Kitchen! I love their vegan tacos, OMG! Instead of the usual meat, the taco was filled with tofu and mushroom. What an awesome treat from Orly!

Time to have my nails done by the staff of Nailaholics.

I had difficulty choosing which polish to apply on my nails as everything was gorgeous! I ended up choosing the Pink one because PINK!

Face of the day! All the photos were taken using my Casio Exilim TR60! I always set the Makeup Filter to level 9. Hehe What do you guys think of the photos? Though the photo quality is not at par with DSLR, I love using it because it's compact and handy! It also helps that the camera has Wi-Fi so I can always easily transfer the photos straight to my phone for easy SNS sharing. 

More beach photos!! JK.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! I forgot to mention that there weren't many bloggers invited to the event and there were 3 slots we could choose to attend. I prefer events like this because I always feel shy and nervous to be around a lot of people. Hehe It's also nice to be pampered and to be able to talk to the PR or the person that invited you. I noticed that when it's a huge blogger's event, we just attend it, claim our freebies and leave without much interaction from the brand or the person that invited us. Small events like this is much better, in my opinion!

Thank you for reading today!