Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CRAVE PARK in Marikina | Artsy FOOD PARK!

It may not show much in my pictures and on my videos, but I am really a FOODIE! I like discovering new places to eat and new dishes to try! The feeling of wanting to discover trendy places also became apparent when I finally had a BF. We go out on a date every weekend so we always want to explore and go on food adventure! 

We recently discovered CRAVE PARK in Marikina. It is the hippest food and art destination! With 18 food stalls to choose from, there's definitely something for everyone to enjoy!

Another thing special about the place is that they have murals done by local artists! I especially loved their colorful walls! It's such a perfect background for selfies, or even better on their own being so picturesque.

If there is one thing I want to say, though, is that the food park is quite a challenge to find as it is situated father than the neighboring food parks along that highway. 

Some people say I look good in this photo so I had to include it! 

SCHEDULE : Crave Park is open DAILY from Monday to Sunday. Operating time is 4:00 PM until 1:00 AM every Monday to Thursday and 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM every Friday and Saturday.

What I noticed is that they have quite spacious parking lot beside the actual food park. It's nice that they considered parking, which is definitely one of the difficult things when going to a food park, or going anywhere in general. Though, I failed to ask if they offer it for free or if you have to pay for it. 

Aside from the murals and paintings, they also have corners for selfies and OOTDs. 

Take this "broken bench" as an example. Because I am obsessed with anything Korean, I know that this was inspired from the famous bench in Namsan Tower Locks of Love in Seoul, South Korea!

I'm pretty sure this Love Lock Wall will be filled anytime soon!

After the "picture picture", it's now time for "eating eating"! I was actually invited by the owners of Crave Park to pay their place a visit. I went with my BF and we honestly thought we would be given about 3 or 4 free meals. But when we got there, we were surprised when we saw 3 tables pulled together to hold enormous amount of food waiting to be devoured by us!

It was a lot, I was so overwhelmed as this was my first-time to be invited by a food park. Though, I have to mention I was not paid to do these posts so I am free to say whatever I liked or didn't like about their place. 

CLICK PLAY to see the food park and the food that we had!

My favorites are :
*The Hungry Burro - Nachos Php 250
*Tamari - Laksa Php 185
*Archipelago- Ilocano Rice Php 185
*Seoul Kimbap - Kimbap Php 150
*Dabs and Popcorn -Three Cheese Php 108
*Wagga Wagga - Jerk Chicken Php 165
*Yobab's - Boneless Lechon Php 150
*Flat Bread - Smores Php 130

My BF and I were sure we wouldn't be able to finish all the food. I immediately regretted I didn't bring my family with me. Good thing, I called my friend who lives in Marikina to join us. She also brought her friend along so 4 of us enjoyed all the food care of Crave Park. 

What I liked most, aside from the food, are really the art and murals that they have.

If you want to go there, I suggest going when they open at 4:00 PM so you see the murals in daylight and so you could take photos of them. It is also nice to take photos of your food while the sky is still bright, don't you agree? However, the food park is an open area and there are no fans around so if you think it would still be hot and you'd just be sweaty while eating, maybe you can go after sunset.

Here is the map of the place to help you find it easily. 

Thanks for reading today and see you on our next FOODIE adventure!

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