Wednesday, February 14, 2018

EASY VALENTINE'S MAKEUP that will make HIM kiss you! ❤

Happy Valentine's Day! While it is true, women must beautify themselves not to attract or satisfy men, but to satisfy themselves. However, one thing I have learned about men's perception when it comes to makeup is that they prefer the NATURAL look over the trendy Instagram-ish makeup look.

With that in mind, I have come up with a really simple yet attractive (and sexy) Valentine's Day makeup look!

Since I am a fan of Korean makeup, I incorporated that by using all TONY MOLY makeup items! They recently launched their LUMINOUS like which I thought would be perfect since I wanted to achieve the popular Korean-glowy skin!

One more thing I like about Tony Moly is the packaging!! They seriously have one of the cutest packagings ever! You like pink? You like panda? They have it!

How do you like this Valentine's Day treats flatlay?

This look is so easy to achieve and the tutorial, likewise, is easy to follow! 
Watch the video below for the step-by-step makeup tutorial.
It's in English so I am sure anyone can follow through. :)

Here is the BEFORE and AFTER. If you are wondering, the dots on my face are due to a recent warts removal I had at this time. If you're curious about this as well, you can click this link to watch my warts removal vlog! 

How do you like the look? This is perfect if you are going out for a date today. You can change it from day to night look if you just change your lip color. Go for natural lip tint for a fresh daytime look. Then, grab a red or wine shade lipstick for that irresistible nighttime look.

I also keep the hair down and left it uncurled. I also learned guys like it when they could touch a woman's hair. A opposed to having it all tied up in pony or bun or stiff and tangled in a curl. But you can always change it, depending on your liking. 

Don't forget to check out TONY MOLY for more Korean makeup and skin care items! They have a lot of branches in the Philippines that are surely accessible to where you are.

I hope you liked this look and enjoyed the makeup tutorial I did as well. I put my love in it! 

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a great one! If you are single, fret not! I believe beautifying yourself isn't really just to attract opposite sex. Be BEAUTIFUL today and everyday for YOURSELF. You deserve it! Cheers!

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