Tuesday, August 21, 2018


If you are a fan of mermaids, cute and artsy cafes & Instagramble food, this cute cafe in Marikina is definitely for you! 


I was invited by Mermania to check out their cafe in Marikina. I'm from Quezon City and don't always get to check out places in Marikina so I took the opportunity. I also asked some of my Fluffies to come with me. 

Between Mermaids and Unicorns, I am more a fan of the latter. But I really appreciated Cafe Mermania since it's different from the other mermaid theme cafes I have visited. The ones I've seen before had childish vibe and overly-decorate with mermaid stuffed-toys. What I like about this cafe is the interior is cute, vibrant and colorful but not overly done. They can cater from kids to adults like us!

Cafe Mermania Address : 3 General Ordonez Ave, Marikina 

How we got there
From Cubao, we took Grab car. 5 of us shared the ride and the fare came down to Php 350. However, the address pinned on Waze is different from the cafe's actual address. The grab driver dropped us off in the middle of nowhere in Marikina and we had to hail a tricycle to take us to the cafe. We paid Php 50 for the tryk ride. I just hope Mermania could update their address or the pinned location on Waze.

Here's the interior of the cafe! I JUST LOVE all the colors and the vibe of the place!

It's not overly decorated with childish mermaid decors. You will definitely appreciate the layout and the architectural work of their place. 

If you plan to visit, I suggest coming after lunch time so there's still natural sunlight. I know you like going to artsy cafes like this so you could take photos for your Facebook and Instagram. It's best when you take photos of the place when there's still sunlight. Also, the cafe closes early at 8PM so if you're coming from QC or somewhere far, it's best if you could maximize your stay.

However, the place may not be as big as how you would imagine it to be. So if you are coming as a group, pray and hope that no other big group is coming that day. hehe

But one thing is for sure, YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR VISIT!

WATCH MY VLOG to see more of Cafe Mermania :


1.) TAKE PHOTOS for your social media or blog

2.) EAT, EAT and EAT

Honestly, the food is not as expensive as other artsy cafes and some food parks I've tried. The taste is also decent and the presentation is Instagram-worthy! But I think the serving is quite small and each dish is already insufficient for 2 people, how much more if you're sharing it with the whole group? If you're hungry, it's best to order 1 dish/meal per person.

MUST-TRY, though, is their rolled ice-cream! It costs Php 165 per small tub and if you fancy the mermaid tail topper, you need to add Php 35.

3.) UPDATE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA followers with cute photos!


Each Mermania guest could get to wear mermaid tail for a minimum purchase of Php 200.
When we went, there were 6 available mermaid tails in pink, purple, green and blue. You could also use some of their props like flower crowns and plushies, I also saw few pieces of mermaid tails for kids.


They also sell some cute mermaid merch that you could add to your mermaid stuff collection ala Ariel from The Little Mermaid. 

Overall, I think Cafe Mermania is worth visiting. Just be prepared to go an extra mile if you're not from Marikina. I also suggest coming here after you've eaten your lunch so you could treat the food as just dessert so you won't mind the small serving. If you have kids or friends who loves mermaids and cute cafes, be sure to tell them about my recent cute-cafe-discovery, too!

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