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Life has taught me that no matter what your race, ethnicity or status is, experience is still the best teacher. Our experiences in life make us wiser and stronger. One of my life experiences that I have come to be thankful for is my acne. In 2012, I had an unimaginable acne breakout that almost led me to quitting blogging. 6 years later, the experience that hurt me is the very same story that I use to inspire others.

I have found my passion and my purpose. Some people were meant to inspire others because of their perfect beauty. While others, like me, were meant to share our scars and imperfection. It hurts me when I get personal messages from followers saying they also experience bullying from their peers (and some family members) because of their skin. Online bashing, hate-spreading and name-calling are also rampant on the internet nowadays. Albert Einstein said he feared the day technology will surpass human interaction and that the world will have a generation of idiots.

It's a shame what some people do with technology and what others do with influence. As someone with acne, I know how it really feels to be imperfect. Had we been given a choice, we would definitely choose to be perfect, don't you think? 

For new readers, here are actual photos of my acne breakout in 2012.

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You are not reading this by accident. Maybe you need words of encouragement. Maybe you've been feeling down because of your imperfection. Maybe you've heard other people shame you because of your skin... YOU NEED TO SEE THIS VIDEO!


Here are my TOP 5 TIPS on how to be confident and beautiful even if you have acne :
1.) Look for traits or characteristics that make you beautiful.
2.) Compliment yourself. 
3.) Compliment other people.
4.) Don't give up on your skin.
5.) Look presentable and be hygienic.

I used to be ashamed and conscious of my skin. I couldn't count how many times I compared myself to other bloggers that have clear and perfect skin. I also couldn't stress enough how much hate and bullying I've experienced just because my skin isn't what other people expect it to look like. But as I got older, I learned to love myself, to accept myself and to be proud of my scars and my story. 

I wish everyone would be responsible with what they say and what they post online. Always be kind because you will never know what the other person is going through. 

I understand and I know what you are going through. I know that it is not easy but I can definitely tell you that there is still hope. Don't listen to other people when they bring you down. Also, don't listen to yourself when it tries to ridicule you. Like what I've said, you are beautiful and your skin is just a fraction of your entire being. Smile because you are loved and you are BEAUTIFUL!

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