Sunday, September 2, 2018

SM GROCERY HAUL (SM Hypermarket Cubao) | Food, Toiletries & Treats

Makeup haul! Clothes and Shoes Haul! These are the usual content we see on YouTube. Recently, a follower on YouTube requested I do a GROCERY HAUL. At first I thought it was a funny content. I mean who would want to see my haul of tissue, detergent and butter? But then I realized, it's actually quite helpful. Not everyone is into pricey makeup and trendy clothes. BUT, everyone needs toiletries and food, don't we? That's why I decided to finally do this requested video. 

Our go-to places for grocery are SM Hypermarket in Cubao and Waltermart in Munoz. So if you see me wearing my shabby pambahay, please say hi! These items, though, I got from SM Hypermarket. 

My Mom and I usually buy stuff separately, even when we're together sometimes. She buys "real food" like meat, vegetables, fruits, condiments and toiletries plus house needs. I usually just buy snack, breads, some sweets and my needed toiletries and personal stuff. I also buy stuff and food for the dogs. In this haul, I only showed stuff I bought. Next time, though, I will try to shop with my Mom so I could show you guys our collective haul... of groceries! *hehe*


Grocery shopping tips :
1.) Bring your own ECO bag.
2.) If you're shopping for bottles or soft items, ask the bagger to put your items in a box.
3.) Avoid weekends and holidays when going to the grocery or market.
4.) It's best to shop between 1 PM and 5 PM when the store is not too crowded.

These days, though, I try to avoid too much salty food, chips, sweet snacks or candies and carbonated drinks such as soda. If I crave, I usually just consume them in moderation and in small servings.

I hope you enjoyed my first-ever GROCERY HAUL! I never realized this was actually a helpful and relatable content! Let me know if you want more hauls like this by commenting below. 

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