Tuesday, March 3, 2020

How To Effectively Use Planners To Plan & Budget Your Life! | 2020 Planners Guide

One thing we always have at the start of the year is a planner. Either we buy it ourselves or get it as a gift from the past holiday. I used to dislike the idea of using planners. I just didn't get the idea of having to write on it daily. 

But as I got older, I realized being dedicated to using a planner is really helpful. Not just in planning what we need for the next day, but also in planning other important things such as planning our finances, setting our goals, taking not of our expenses and other things!

I decided to share my favorite planners and how I use them.

*BDJ Power Planner (shop here)
*C&S Designs Planner (shop here)

I have been using BDJ Power Planner since 2013. At the end of each year, I like to reread and look back on the things I wrote at the start of the year like my goals and aspirations for that said year. I also keep them for memory sake and also in case I need (or I want) to remember something from that year. Here are all of my BDJ Planners from 2013-2019.

In 2019, I also started using C&S Designs Planners. I liked it because of how colorful and well-designed every page is. I'm sure you will also love this planner if you want to keep track of your monthly finances. Also perfect for people who have no time to decorate every page.

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Aside from planning my week and writing my to-do things, I also use my planners as a daily journal. I use the C&S Planner to track my finances, to write my goals and to write the things I have to do for each day. I use the BDJ Planner as a daily journal. I decorate every week with stickers and highlighters. I write what I did every day just to continue how I've been using BDJ since 2013.

I see other planner users who have loads and loads of stuff, decorations and accessories. But the very basic things you need are highlighters, pens, washi tapes and some stickers. 

If you really want to use your planners to set goals and keep you motivated, I suggest using the front page as your DREAM BOARD. Dream board, for me, is very effective in visualizing the things you want to attract and to happen that year. I also stick some photos that inspire me or make me feel good so I am always motivated to write on my planners.

Here is my sample weekly spread. I write the things I did or felt every day and then I use highlighters to decorate. It's a creative yet inexpensive way to decorate your planner. Also, I use stickers to express how I felt that day or to take note of things I did or food I ate. 

I prefer using ready-to-use planners like the ones I showed on this post. But some people prefer using bullet journals and personalizing each page. I also think that is very impressive but could be time-consuming and needs dedication and passion. hehe

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and learning some tips on how I use and maximize my planners. Happy 2020 planning!

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