Saturday, August 14, 2021

Glutathione IV Drip and Pimple Injection at Flawless... Is It SAFE During Pandemic?

Nowadays, setting our priorities is very mush important. Be it handling our finances and where we spend our money on up to deciding if going out is necessary or if we should just stay at home. 

For some, going to the facial center may not be essential. But for me that has sensitive and acne-prone skin, my regular visit to the derma and facials are also important to make sure that my skin is well-maintained. You may be wondering if it's already safe to go out for facials and other skin treatments... this blog will answer!

My facial center of choice is Flawless. I have been going to their clinic since 2012 and they have really helped me big time combat my battle with acne. That's why I was sad when I couldn't visit them for over a year because of the current situation we are in!

My usual treatments at Flawless are Facial cleaning (with pimple extraction), FNT Fractional Needling Therapy, Laser treatments, etc. But aside from those, I also often have Beauty Drip (Glutathione IV Drip) and KI Pimple Injection. I find that these 2, aside from the actual facial, helps calm my skin and tone the acne breakout. 


What you will appreciate about Beauty Drip and KI Injection at Flawless is that they are done by licensed and professional doctors. I just felt that I need to mention that since I heard some start-up facial clinics allow only their beauty attendants to do the injection? 

Anyway, I have been doing these intravenous treatments at Flawless for YEARS. If you are wondering if there are any side-effects, the only side-effect I noticed when I get the KI Pimple Inject is that it may leave some "open pores" on the injected area. Some doctors call it "dimple" while some people call it "craters", I like to call it as just "open and visible pores".

As for the Beauty Drip, the injected area could swell and also leave  a tiny spot that could last up to few days. But I have not noticed any negative effects of the drip to my body. In fact, whenever I have it, I notice that my skin becomes glowy and brighter few days after the treatment. 

As I can remember, Beauty Drip consists of Glutathione, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin B Complex and Alpha Lipoic Acid.


Beauty Drip (Glutathione Injection) - Php 7,000 per session
KI Pimple Injection - Php 200 per spot

Derma Consultation at Flawless is FREE but you need to book an appointment first. It could be done by calling the branch near you or by checking out their website here. 
Take note that Doctor Consultation is limited for for treatments such as facial, whitening, etc. Also, upon visiting any Flawless Branch, you will not be obligated to buy anything against your will. The Derma may recommend products that she think will help you with your skin concerns, but you still have the option to either buy it or use other products that you think will suit your skin. Don't be pressured to buy or use anything that you truly have no intention of using. :)

BTW, I have a Flawless DISCOUNT CODE that you can use tp shop online on Flawless, use "FlawlessKristine"to SHOP HERE for Flawless discount. 

I think I have not yet answered the question if visiting Flawless nowadays is already safe. This was my first time visiting in almost 2 years and I have to be honest that I felt safe and secure inside the clinic. During my visit, everyone was wearing masks and the attendant was in full PPE. I also noticed my doctor was wearing double masks. There were just 2 patients inside the clinic during my visit, me and another booked patient. 

As for the mask, Flawless uses a special mask for their patients so you are still masked while having your treatment. I am told I am not allowed to share it here so I don't have any photos. But they got you on that! :)

Here's a close-up of my skin after 3 days of Beauty Drip and KI Pimple Inject. What do you think of the result?

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