Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nail Polish Haul

I went shopping again! :)

Ever since I started painting my nails and doing nail arts on them, I just can't stop buying nail polishes anymore.

I buy them with my own money and I don't go for anything flashy and expensive,though.

I know high-end nail polishes last longer and they protect your nails but since I like painting my nails at least thrice a week, I thought expensive ones would only go to waste. So, I always try to buy local and affordable products. Philippine nail polish brands are also good quality and they last long,too. I think the key here is to use a good base coat to protect your natural nails and a god top coat to make the color last long.

I got some from Etude House.

I've tried some of them already (Petit Darling) and the colors were all amazing and they stayed on for 1 week without chipping. I just got too tired of them so I decided to remove them.

I bought 4 shades from their Petit Darling Nail Polish line.
Each bottle costs only Php 48 or about $1.
I got them in yellow, pink, blue and light pink.
I'm not really sure about the content since it doesn't say on the bottle.

Shades: (left to right)

YL802 VVIP Yellow , PK012 Check It Pink , BL505 I Say Blue , PK011 You Say Pink

* * *

I also purchased two items from their LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails nail polish.
These nail polishes are pretty and shimmering.
I got them for Php128 each bottle or about $3.
This is bigger than the other Etude House nail polishes that I got. But still the content wasn't mentioned on the label.
I got two shades and they were in baby pink and light purple.

Shades: (left to right)

#7 Rose Pink , #2 Lavender Purple

* * *

I also found a new brand of inexpensive nail polishes.
I bought 8 La Belle nail polishes and they were all pretty!
They were so cheap, each bottle only costs Php 26 or about $.50cents.

Most shades that I got were either frosted, shimmery or glittery.

Shades: (left to right)

Dolly Pink , French Lavender , Silky Lilac, Fuschia

Shades: (left to right)

Stardust , Oh My Gold , Golden Bronze, Radiant Red

* * *

I also got 6 shades from Caress and they were also cheap.
Each bottle costs only Php23 or about $.50cents.

Shades: (left to right)

Apple Green , Midnite Green, Blue Hawaii , Caribbean Blue , Blue R-102(2 bottles)

* * *

I also got the basic items like a base and top coat, solvent and a white nail polish.

I purchased Orly's Top 2 Bottom base coat and top coat in one.
I've read so many great reviews about this product so I decided to give it a try. The price is Php395 or about $9 for an 18 ml bottle. I will do a review on this product soon so please look forward to that.

I also purchased a solvent for my dry nail polishes. I got it for only Php30 (less than a $1) and the white polish for Php23($.50cents)

And that's the end of my haul.

I hope you like all the items that I got.

Comment below and tell me if you have tried any of these products.