Thursday, July 21, 2011

The PROS and CONS of Online Shopping

First it was the Barter system, next was the Home TV shopping and now it's Internet/Online shopping.

I think most probably that this [internet] technology will be helpful, to get information easily. In that way it will make clear what is truth, what is reality and what is false propaganda. I think that provided each individual uses their own intelligence or mind to investigate further, this technology should be very useful.
— Dalai Lama (From a BBC forum held 23 feb 2000)

Internet is now considered as one of the basic needs of people, next to food,clothing and shelter. In fact,just recently, United Nations has declared free and uninterrupted Internet access as a basic human right, “an indispensable tool for realizing a range of human rights, combating inequality, and accelerating development and human progress.”

This is how important Internet is to people nowadays. I, who's currently working at an online company realizes this. That is why many businesses and establishments have put up their own websites. And this trend is an advantage to store owners who want to make a venture or just want to make their profit bigger.

Now, what good does it bring to us consumers? This article will tackle the Pros and Cons of Online Shopping.

Some Famous Online Sites:
6. (PH)
7. even Facebook has it :)

These days, even my Facebook wall didn't make it to escape the online shop spammers who try to do business on a networking site.

I, myself, have tried numerous online transactions and I can safely say that there are perks to it.

  • You save your energy for other important things you must attend to.
  • The stores never close.
  • You free yourself from aggressive-hard-sell sales attendants.
  • You can get a hold of items that may not be available locally.
  • You can easily compare products and prices.
  • Some sellers give gifts and freebies to the buyers if they made a good deal.

  • The disadvantage of not being able to check the items quality before actually purchasing it.
  • Sizes suck.
  • You have to wait a little longer especially for "pre-order" items.
  • Some items look perfect in the picture than how it actually is.
  • Unless you order from a credible site, you always doubt if the seller will ship your item after you made the payment.
  • Returns and Exchanges are RARE!
  • You have to shoulder the shipping fee. ( which may be more expensive for international shipping)
  • Unless you are paying via credit card, then you must endure having to go to a bank to deposit your payment.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Always think first before shopping online. Remember to buy only the things that you really need and skip on the items that you think are just "wants".
  • Make sure you do business only with a credible site.
  • Read comments, testimonials and consumer feedback before purchasing.
  • Since you can't try or hold the item, read reviews first before making a decision. These days, blogs are a good way to know if a product is a go or no.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions to the seller.
  • Be careful in giving your account/credit card number. (I prefer depositing the payment to a bank rather than giving my credit card number.)

The secret to making a satisfactory online shopping is making a good deal with the seller. Always check if the site you're shopping is credible and remember to buy only the things that you really need. If you follow these simple rules then you'll never go wrong and you'll always find internet shopping a pleasure.

How about you? Do you like Internet shopping or do you prefer shopping at a mall? Do you have any interesting stories to share about shopping via online? Share it! :)

Please stayed tuned for more Tips and Tricks!