Thursday, August 4, 2011

SHINee Hello Nail Art

Here's another treat for SHINee lovers out there!

SHINee released this song in October of 2010. I know, it's kind of late to come up with this design now, but I really adore the boy's outfits in this video so I thought I should share it with you guys.

If you love Onew,Jong Hyun, Key, Min Ho and Taemin and if you like leopard prints,too, then this nail art is for you.

Here's a photo of the boys when they shot HELLO music video:

And here's the photo of the boys in their leopard outfits where I got my inspiration from:

And here's the tutorial:

And you're done! ^_^

I just want to say that the nails look crappy in the video, especially Min Ho's... but, I'm honest, they look so much better in person! My friends all loved the design and they wanted the same design on their nails,too. When I was filming the video, I was in a hurry to get things done, so the design messed up and the polishes somehow bubbled. But, when I applied top coat, it became smooth and the flaws weren't visible anymore.

Also, nail art designs shouldn't always be perfect, as we are not as good as printing machines... But, if you just practice and do more nail arts then I'm sure you'll get it perfect in the future. ^_^

I hope you liked this simple design!

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